Friday, June 18, 2010

5 fav friday

hi! i'm taking a short break from making cute things for the craft show i'm in tomorrow. if you are from the hamilton area it's at 252 james street north (at the cathedral). cross your fingers for nice weather! here are some awesome things :)

5. pretty craft rooms

right now my sewing machine is in the laundry room beside my kitties' litter box...gross! i'm moving it upstairs soon and i want to make my new craft room super fun and pretty! i can't wait!

4. this tutorial from chelsea at seablanket
 i need to make one for myself! so clever!

3. painting

i realllly want to start painting again. it has been such a long time. probably more than 10 years, yikes! i wonder if i still know how? i guess it's not really something you forget.

2. cool paper clips

1. cute fabric
i'm going to get some :)

enjoy the rest of your friday! i'll talk to you soon :)


  1. cute top! I love all the fabrics too.

    Thera Joyce

  2. Oh my! How adorable is your blog!?! So happy to have stumbled upon it!!! And how I wish for a perfect craft space like this! Mine is the kitchen table! HA!

  3. ohh how I wish to have the 3rd craft space! so awesome! Now all I need is a huge closet space to build one....hmmm...

  4. I love the painting pic! You should start painting!


  5. Okay I love all of these so much.. Cute craft rooms?! Don't get me started. I have basically nowhere for my stuff and I can't wait to create my own amazing space to work in! And I have been obsessed with cutesy fabric lately! I wish it was easier to come across for me!

  6. I adore the penguin paper clips!

  7. Love it ! I also love it that you live in Canada ! I live in Maine now.. but I am actually Canadian :)

  8. love the cute paper clips!!! & i've been wanting cute fabric lately too...there's so much of it floating around :D


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