Thursday, May 22, 2014

Photos :: 365 (May 8 - 14, 2014)

128/365 :: I had been getting annoyed that there are always so many dishes to wash so while I was putting Milo to bed Ivan did them. He's pretty great.
129/365 :: These pretty flowers were a favour from the shower a went to a while back.
130/365 :: Peeking out the window. Can you tell what we're watching?
131/365 :: Mother's Day breakfast! Look at that steam.
132/365 :: All the blue.
133/365 :: The flowers are in focus instead of the photo...I think either my eyes or my camera need adjusting.
134/365 :: Hanging out at our friend's house.
For some reason I was in a really great mood yesterday. Not that I'm normally in a bad mood, I guess it was just an especially good mood. The weather was really nice, I got of the house and Milo and I just generally had a good time. Today I'm going to head to the library and get a library card. I actually went yesterday to do that but realized that I left my wallet at home. Actually, at the time I didn't actually know if my wallet was actually at home or at the place I went to last yesterday but luckily it was actually at home in Milo's room. Actually, that's why I need to go back today actually, actually, actually.

Have a great Thursday!



  1. So many great pictures. I love how colorful your life/home seems. Lol, I have so many photos that are not focused on the right thing, most of the time it's because I didn't switch to full manual settings though. xD Did you have a good Mother's Day? That breakfast looks delicious, so cool how you captured the heat. Did you start planning for Milo's 1st birthday yet? I'm working on my son's 2nd birthday at the moment (I went for a nautical theme and am making all the decorations), it's coming up in a week. Time went by so fast it's craaaazy.

    Love, x
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    1. Yeah, we are definitely not lacking in the colour department.

      I need to play around and adjust that little thingy so that I can use manual focus more reliably. I will think something is in focus, take a photo, and then it's waaaay off.

      I did have a good Mother's Day! I have been thinking about Milo's 1st birthday a bit. My mom is going to host it at her house but we will work on decorating together. I've pinned a few things that I like but nothing is nailed down yet. I should really get on that because it's less than one month away now!!

      A nautical theme sounds fun! Good luck with the decor! I can't wait to see what you make!

  2. Ha, forgotten things... Hope, you get the library card today. the photos are amazing. Your life is so full of colours.

  3. I may just be a super-nerd, but I think getting a library card is really fun. I just got one a couple of weeks ago for the new little community I moved to at the beginning of the year, and it really made me feel like I belong. :)

    1. I must be a super-nerd too because I got really excited!

  4. Ha! Fresh Prince in the house! That seems to be everywhere lately... you had the theme song in a previous post, and just last night they played a clip of Geoffrey the butler on Studio Q (CBC radio show) about the recent comeback of butlers. Anyway, good show - Will Smith is timeless talent. Plus, I love the way Carlton dances! His crazy swinging aerobic arms. :)

    Also, I love me some library, and hope you enjoy yours too! If yours has an online catalogue for requesting books, look out. It can be really addictive, like the high some people get from shopping online, but it's FREE! So it's okay to be addicted. :) And kids' books - it's okay to be addicted to those too! I have serious passion for la bibliotheque! (I think this is me in a good mood. Dare I post this? I do dare!) I am a dork.

    1. Ha! I'm glad you dared. I am really excited to get addicted to something fun and free. I think we can request books online. I have yet to explore the full potential of the Hamilton Public Library.


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