Thursday, April 22, 2010

happy earth day!

happy earth day everyone!

 ivan and i at albion falls last fall

i didn't do anything especially earthy today, but i'm setting a goal for myself: use the green bin more often. usually when i'm cooking i get lazy and just throw my green bin waste in the garbage...i'm bad. soo, my new goal is to designate a 'scraps' bowl and then take it out and dump it in the smelly green bin.

did you do anything special for earth day?



  1. Happy Earth Day to you!!


  2. I remember that photo....haha

  3. Hello! Unfortunately not :( (Bad, bad, bad...) Just wanted to pop by and say 'hi' and that I love your 'every girl has a story' girls - very cute! Are you going to more? Also, I have favourited your shop and grabbed a blog button and popped it on my blog - seeing that you are a Blythe fan too! Anyhoot, must shoot - keep in touch :)

  4. I made paper plate earths with the kiddies, that's about it! It would have been fun to do something special though if I had remembered earlier, haha.


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