Monday, April 19, 2010

getting to know me

i thought i would do an introduction post inspired by kaylah.

♥ - my name is elycia. i like to make things, play music, be silly and have fun.

♥ - i have 2 cats...farva and anakin. (i think one day i'll give them each a full introduction...i have so much to say about these handsome guys)

♥ - i love star wars. all of them. even the ones no one else likes.

♥ - i like to change my hair.

some other stuff...
♥ - i play a bunch of instruments inclucing piano, drums/percussion, guitar, bass, trumpet (kind of), viola (learning).
♥ - i love video games. my favourites are zelda (super nintendo one and the ocarina of time), the sims and some of the final fantasy series. my best friend and i used to get a little crazy about zelda and play for hours and hours at a time.
♥ - i'm in the process of going vegan. my goal is to completely cut out all animal products by the end of may.
 ♥ - i had a lip ring for a long time. i accidentally left it out too long once. i kind of want it back.
♥ - my left side is my 'good side'. i don't like pictures taken from the right. haha.
♥ - i have a strange sense of humour.
♥ - i love reading and board games and going to the movies.
♥ - sometimes i spend too much time thinking about all the things i could be doing and not enough time doing them.
♥ - i love reading people's comments on my posts. soooo much!

well, there's still a lot more about me...i'll keep you updated :)

have a great monday!

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  1. I love knowing more about the people behind the blogs! My hubby is a Star Wars fanatic!!! Have a great day!

  2. This is a good idea! I had fun reading yours, I think I wanna do one now!

  3. cute post! our names are almost the same: mine is Alycia :)

  4. good luck on your vegan process! i was vegan for 5 or so years but went back to vegetarian because i felt it was just too much hassle. i often think about going vegan again but i think it'll have to wait until it's slightly more socially accepted and easier to live a "normal" life among non vegans before i take the leap again. i wish you the best of luck! and please to share your fave vegan recipes!

  5. Cute post, cute furbies, and cute Etsy shop too!

  6. I love post like this I love Star Wars too :D


  7. aww I also love all of the star wars movies!
    and I also have a weird sense of humor; my boyfriend said that even though I'm the sweetest my humor is almost accusatory haha

  8. Elycia! Thank you so much for sharing so much about yourself. I like to know more about the people I follow so I can understand where their creativity comes from -- I should have guessed the Star Wars love!

  9. hi elycia. just wanted to let you know that im including you in the Featured Friends Friday post, along side some other indie biz girls.

  10. :) this is my favorite - - sometimes i spend too much time thinking about all the things i could be doing and not enough time doing them.
    You are pretty cute!! And pretty darn talented lady!! Geez :) thank you for sharing that with us!!

  11. fun post :) i also spend too much time thinking about doing things i should be doing... like laundry...

  12. Hi, Elycia:

    Many, many thanks for posting my chalkboard jewelry.

    Coco Delay


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