Monday, April 19, 2010


 ahhhhh! i'm sooo excited. let's see who won the awesome apron/smock from my girl thursday.

i put the names in a cup...
then there was a drum roll (in my head)...i closed my eyes...and then i picked a winner!
congratulations jinx (aka Ashley)!! ashley has a cute blog, you should check it out :)
email me at with your info so we can mail you your prize!!

i had a lot of fun doing this giveaway! i'm planning another one right now, i'm in the gathering process! stay tuned :)

don't forget to check my girl thursday's blog for the winner of my items!!



  1. Congrats Jinx!! I'm so glad this apron is finding a happy home:)

  2. you are just too cute for words! getting many a fun comments on my headband too! thanks!

  3. Great reading your blog. Back soon. Mika (


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