Sunday, April 25, 2010

fun fun fun

hello, i hope everyone had a good weekend :) we had a pretty fun one. friday we went bowling with ivan's work friend. bowling is cool and i realized that i like the looks of bowling shoes. i would consider wearing them as regular shoes.

saturday i thought i was getting the flu (what?!) but i think i was just super sleepy because sunday i felt great again. or maybe i cured myself by drinking a ton of tea saturday night.

sunday ivan and i ran some errands which included buying some awesome bright coloured hair dye! i'm so excited! i don't trust my bleaching skills so i'm going to get that done professionally (at least the first time). i can't wait to have fun hair :)

to finish our weekend off we took my cousin out for a very belated birthday dinner. his birthday was in september, ahem...oops. we went to a restaurant in burlington that my mom really likes called the martini house and the chef made me a super special, super delicious vegan dish. it was sooo yummy. my favourite part was the pureed fennel and apple thing which somehow tasted like garlic mashed potatoes. i need to learn how to make that.

talk to you soon,

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