Friday, April 30, 2010

5 fav friday

hi everyone! here are some things i especially like this week.

5.  cool phones


i actually have this lip phone. it was a gift from one of my awesome friends. i feel like dj tanner when i use it.

4. these camera holders from Sweet Treats. soooo amazing.
i feel like maybe i have mentioned these before...they are just sooo cool! check out sweet treats on etsy...they have lots of awesome items!!

3. this colour

i love so many colours. i think colour might be one of my favourite things. this week i really like mint green.

2. twin peaks
i've just started watching but i love it already :) a couple of my friends highly recommend this show! it is super interesting so far...i can't wait to watch more!
1. this
i think this wins the prize for the cutest thing i have seen all week! i love it!!!

i hope everyone has a great friday. i'm off to the hair salon later today, hooray! then i'm going to give myself some fun hair tomorrow. i can't wait!



  1. The lips phone is fab!

  2. twin peaks is one of the best tv shows ever :) have fun watching

  3. twin peaks has been on my 'to watch' list for forever. i'm taking this as a sign that i should watch them asap :D

  4. I love twin peaks too *__* OMG I need to watch it again!
    and those tic tacs are TOTALLY ADORABLE!

  5. ooooh pretty phones! and those tic tacs are the cutest. haha. :]

  6. babhahaha I love those tic tacs :)
    Our kids are gonna be like, "what? there were phones in houses?"

  7. haha becky you are probably right!

  8. I love that mint green kitchen! Twin Peaks gave me a particular liking for cherry pie and those TicTacs are so adorable I wouldn't want to eat a single one! *hee hee*


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