Saturday, March 31, 2012

thrift find :: the ones that got away


It is really fun for me to share thrift finds that I am super excited about but I though today I would share some photos of things I found that I didn't buy. Looking back on some of these I really wish I had have taken them home with me! Does anyone else take photos of things they find and really love but decide not to buy for whatever reason?
What: Label maker.
Where: Antique Attic on Ottawa Street
Why I loved it: I love label makers and I think it is super funny when there are labels on label makers. The purple orange combo on this one is so cute!
Why I didn't buy it: I don't need another label maker, even one previously owned by Mr. Bob Kaufmann.
Do I wish I bought it: No, I'm ok with my decision.
What: Cheese plate
Where: Value Village
Why I loved it: The colours are amazing, it would have matched our kitchen and the mushrooms are so cute!
Why I didn't buy it: We don't eat cheese so I refrain from buying cheese plates.
Do I wish I bought it: Yes! I must have been taking crazy pills that day to leave this behind. Who cares that I don't eat cheese?! I could have used it for decoration. Ah well, I hope a cheese loving person took this baby home and is enjoying it. 
What: Avon perfume bottle
Where: Value Village
Why I loved it: In case you haven't noticed, I have a serious love for cute knick-knacks.
Why I didn't buy it: This little cutie was in the "Collectables" section and was waaaay too expensive for me. Especially because it was not in mint condition. Sometimes Value Village pricing can be nuts.
Do I wish I bought it: I wish it had have been like, $1.00. I do not wish I had have bought it for $15-$20.

What: Cat statue
Where: Talize
Why I loved it: It's a cat sticking it's tongue out! What's not to love?
Why I didn't buy it: Although I thought it was awesome it also freaked me out a little. Also, it was fairly large and I didn't know where I would put it.
Do I wish I bought it: No, I'm good. 

That was fun! However, it was a teensy bit painful to see that mushroom cheese plate again. I will definitely be doing this again to show you some other treasures I have passed on and how I feel about it now.



  1. The mushroom cheese plate is amazing... but I would buy anything with mushrooms on it! I really enjoyed this post Elycia. xx

  2. I'm always taking photos of things in shops. Not so much the opp shop. I tend to just buy them!!

  3. Ok, that cat kind of scares me. It looks like it's on drugs or something ^^ His pupils and the crazy blue eyes...and the lolling tongue with the tilted head. kind of scary ;)

    Can't believe you left that cheese plate. So cute!! would be a cool pattern for stitching a pillowcase.

  4. oh girl, that cheese plate. i used to pick up every single mushroom thing i saw, until my life was completely overrun with them. my life looked awesome, by the way.

  5. Oh the cheese plate. Yep, I would have snapped that up in a second! x

  6. The cheese plate could have been an awesome mushroom plate though! That cat is a couple of kinds of crazy.

  7. I'm not going to lie, I REALLY want that big crazy cat. I'm going to have the freedom to decorate my very own place very soon, and I wish that could be the focal point of my living room. :)

  8. Haha! I totally do this! But mostly with stuff I find weird. For example:
    Here's a crazy pot holder with a doll face attached to it:
    And here is a funny cake shaper thingy that I really can't figure out what it is. A monkey?

  9. This was a fun post.
    It's interesting to read your reasons for passing on something, and then whether you regretted it later.

    And that cat is a little creepy, so I think you made the right call there.

  10. lol I love this! please make this a regular series. i was laughing up a storm.


  11. That's weird that they had a Avon bottle priced for that much. I work at an antique store so I usually have a good feeling for how much things are worth and do a lot of research, and I can tell you that Avon bottles are worth shit haha. It's because EVERYONE and their mothers had Avon bottles back then-- therefor not worth much at all. Stupid Value Village... :p

    1. Yes! Value Village makes me angry sometimes. But then it surprises me with something awesome and cheap and I can't stay mad at it.

  12. I LOVE how you you posted why you didn't buy them! such a great idea and fun to read about it.
    the morose bee

  13. I love that cheese plate. Oh how I looove it. Maybe you'll find another one like it one day.

    I forget where/who but someone told me that value village is slowly raising their prices on things because thrifting is becoming a lot more popular now.

  14. Hahaha that cheese plate IS admittedly adorable! I agree about the kitty being a little freaky, cute but freaky!

    I once found a t-rex phone. Like. A foot-high trex figurine whose spine was a phone receiver and whose platform part flipped open to show a keypad. It was actually AMAZING beyond amazing. but it was 15 $. and I dont have any use for it. I feel like if I had more money generally it woulda been worth it.... haa

    Great post!

  15. I really enjoyed this post!
    It's neat to see some things from your thrift store adventures. And, who knows, maybe the next time you return to that thrift store that plate will be happily waiting for you. ;)

    hahaha That cat made me laugh.


  16. That kitty is the kind of thing that I usually feel sorry for and pity buy. Then it goes to live in the garage AKA "The Island of Misfit Pity Buys".

  17. Haha that cat is hilarious! It's so ugly but so amazing!


  18. I love that I actually know exactly what places you are referring to in your posts! I hit up the Antique Attic although I've never actually purchased anything.

  19. I do that all the time! I have way too many pictures on my phone of beautiful pillows or dresses that I can't afford. that mushroom plate is beautiful, I'm sure you'll find another someday though :)

  20. This is such a good post idea, I'm terrible for regretting not buying things I'm always trawling eBay in the hope of finding things cheaper ages later !

  21. Since I do not have a smart phone or iphone (or a phone that takes pictures at all), I don't usually take photos of things I find. This has inspired me to. Maybe i'll even do a post about my favorite thrift stores.

  22. i do the same thing! sometimes it really helps me not buy MORE stuff I don't need, because i almost feel like i have it in my collection just by having the picture.

  23. I've become really good with shopping, if I'm not 100% immediately sure that I'm in love with it then I won't buy it, if it takes me a couple of seconds to decide them it's not worth it. It seems to be working!! And I love label makers! My mum has one and every time I'm around my parents house I leave them little notes with it, my mum found one that I had left about 4 months ago, the other day! :)

  24. "Do I wish I bought it: No, I'm good."

    I laughed outloud at that. haha
    cute post!

  25. Hahaha, I have a sweatshirt that I took a picture of while thrifting that I REALLY wished I bought. Now, every time I see it, I cry a little on the inside, because of how cute it looked.

    By the way, I'm sorry to say that my parents have two of those bizarre cat statue things, so if you REALLY want one and you are ever in PA, one/they are as good as yours. :P


  26. I kinda like the cat. But it does look quite big. I think I'm with you on that one.

  27. This is so neat! I always look back on thrifting and regret not buying half the stuff I saw! I guess it's partially because I hate spending money :)

    OH, just one thing I thought would make you smile, I got a new mac, and my mum put this ad blocker thingy on it. So when I came to your blog the ModCloth ad was blocked and replaced by a picture of a cat sticking it's head in a glass. It was so cute! I unblocked it for your page, though, because of course all the advertising on your blog is lovely ;)

    -charlotte <3

  28. Not only was this entry visually stimulating, but now I know that cheese plates are a thing! That one especially is so great. I would've just eaten sandwiches off of it.

  29. haha cheese plate regrets. Very funny. I often get chills from flashbacks of the things that got away. For the last week I have been returning to the same shop over and over waiting for a blue dress to go on the sale rail. I want it for £1 rather than £6.95 (60s acrylic number). That is why things get away from me mainly - I am a skinflint!

  30. haha.. I love this post! looking forward to more of these ones!

  31. Oh! They are all so cute! I love the cheese plate!

  32. I saw the SAME cat at a thrift store and went through the EXACT same thought process!!!!! It was painted a little differently, but I took a picture because it was so strange!

  33. Love this! I sometime regret not buying things I find There is still a few items I really wish I had bought.


  34. Haha, that cat statue is so hilarious I actually laughed when I saw him. He looks a bit crazy no?


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