Friday, November 25, 2011

5 fave friday

5. These glasses stands!
I really think that my glasses need a cute stand to rest on at night!

4. Adorable crochet slipper pattern!
Such a pretty pair of slippers!

3. This cool "Guess Who" idea.
This one uses presidents but it gave me the urge to make my own version. It would be so fun to play at a party if you used photos of people who were going to be there! Now I just need to thrift myself a Guess Who!

2. Adorable teapots
Every single time I see an adorable tea set I gasp. I definitely do not need a teapot or tea set...but I want a super cute one! For now I will settle for drooling over photos of them.

1. This adorable cat with markings that look like a cat!
What?! So cool! I wonder if this kitty knows just how awesome it is.

I hope everyone has a great Friday!



  1. Yes, I saw that cool slipper pattern too on Etsy when I was picking items for my fab feeling friday post! They are sooo cute :-)
    Have a great weekend!

  2. I so need that mustache glasses stand. SO CUTE! :) I hope you have a wonderful Friday as well :)

  3. Guess Who at a party is a great idea! Have an awesome Friday! :)

  4. Everything is so pretty... But I want that cat!! He's adorable:)

  5. You're so super cool, Elycia! :) I love that slipper pattern. I pinned that same exact one not long ago. It's gorgeous! I also love the Tea for Two set and the customized Guess Who, something I've wanted to try for a while!!! :D

    Also, that kitty is AMAZING! So cute!

    Have a gorgeous Friday!

  6. I can't even pay attention to anything else because that cat is so awesome. What a cutie!


  7. that kitty's markings are awesome!

  8. Fab 5! Loving the moustache glasses holder and the idea of a custom personal guess who! That cat is too cute...x

  9. What?? That kitty with a kitty is awesome! :) I used to LOVE to play Guess Who, what a good idea...

  10. Kittay is super awesome! And I love that idea for guess who. It'd also be awesome to do like a celebrities or family members version.

  11. I have nothing witty enough to say about that cat. He/she is the coolest.


  12. I have those slippers favoriged on Ravelry. Also, what a fantastic cat! I had a cat who had Mickey Mouse on his back; I think he would have been impressed with this.

  13. that 'guess who' idea is amazing! so creative. i love it.



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