Tuesday, November 29, 2011

photo an hour :: Toronto

Last Friday Ivan and I made the trip in to Toronto to do a bit of shopping and browsing. Here are some peeks of our day with a photo for each hour.
9 am :: We accidentally slept in but no big deal. I took this photo of some paint samples I collected for a little art project while I was waiting for Ivan to get ready.

10 am :: We made it to Toronto in good time. There were a bunch of these snowmen all over the city. They were all painted differently.

11 am :: I am officially addicted to blind box toys and I love the South Park ones. This was just a little zipper pull/keychain guy. Hehe!

12 pm :: We met our friend Alex for lunch! 

1 pm :: Some pretty wrapping paper in Kensington Market. 

2 pm :: Everything gets a whole lot cuter when you add a face.

3 pm :: I got pretty excited about this pink truck.

4 pm :: Cute sign outside of Poutini's. Ivan and I love their vegan poutine so much!

5 pm :: What kind of lunatics leave Toronto by choice at 5pm on a Friday? Not a good idea.

6 pm :: The highway was disgustingly busy so we took the scenic route home. 

I love going to Toronto. There is so much yummy vegan food and tons of really cool stores. I know some of you live in Toronto but have any out of towners ever visited Toronto? 

I hope everyone is having a great day!


ps. Don't forget that today is the last day to enter the Button Hook giveaway! I will announce the winner tonight.


  1. It's so cool to see your great photos of my city! I can recognize most of the places/things, but I didn't know there were painted snowmen over by city hall. I'll have the check them out.

    Loulou Downtown

  2. guess i need to make a trip to Toronto one of these days. looks like a really cute & quaint place with lots of great shops to check out. (:

  3. you're making me miss T.O.. I used to work around the G.T.A (painting in ridiculously lavish homes).. and walked all over the city when my Ben was at school there. Love to visit - but like getting back to the 'quiet' too! ;o) see you... TOMORROW!! ;o)
    xo Mel
    needle and nest

  4. I love that @Beth just called Toronto cute and quaint.
    Have you eaten at Utopia yet? It's on college a few blocks west of Bathurst, and they have amazing food, not sure on the vegan, but for sure vegetarian - mushroom gravy poutine is the best!!
    And bummer you missed them lighting the Christmas tree by a day! (I did too, was in Ottawa - will go this weekend :)

  5. Oh man, I wish Toronto wasn't so far away from Massachusetts!!!

  6. i also love the cute and quaint comment... sometimes when you live here you don't always share the same opinion! i was going to add that @mel is right~ Utopia is the bomb, and another great place with a pretty good vegetarian selection is Cardinal Rule. also, elycia, my husband is addicted to those crazy blind box toys too! he has a million of the simpsons and south park ones, hee hee! glad you made it i into t.o!
    xo becky

  7. Even though I'm a born and bred Ottawan, I like to say I'm ethnically Torontonian because both my parents are from there! We go down at all the high holidays cause most of our extended family is still there, and I love spending time in the city with my sister and other friends. Kensington really is a magical place, eh?

  8. I'm a Toronto native who recently moved to the Niagara region for work, and it's funny how my relationship with Toronto has changed when I go home to visit. I get insane butterflies when I see the CN Tower, rolling in on the late Greyhound. I've been a vegetarian for almost 8 years, and my favourite restaurant to go to around Toronto is Gourmet Vegetarian, a vegetarian (also dairy free, and you can request no egg) chinese food spot up on Highway 7 near Don Mills. SO GOOD


  9. Beautiful photos! Looks like a wonderful day!

  10. I visited Toronto for the first time a few years ago (I lived in Iowa, USA at the time). I was so busy! I had never been in a city that literally never sleeps before - it was two a.m. and people were just wandering around everywhere.

    Have you seen downtown Chicago after five on a weeknight? Dead. Toronto was so happening!

  11. I live in Utah, however I would l-o-v-e to take a trip to Toronto!!! It sounds so lovely and we both love Canada!

  12. That is the prettiest cement truck ever.


  13. I've never been to Canada, but the more I see, the more I want to go! I'll have to check it out there, because the art scene is so fun.

    - Lindsay

  14. This looks like a super fun trip. I would love to visit Canada more often. xo, rv


  15. Great pics! I'm totally going to hit you up for veggie food recommendations in the new year (bit of a secret - I'm going to be moving from England to Ontario in May, eek!) xo

  16. Eek! I looks like I never ever wash my hair -- I promise I'm not a dirt-ball.

  17. Alex, no i doesn't! haha! Your hair looks lovely :)

  18. I've never been to Toronto, but had Toronto come to me. When I started university in Halifax, I was joined by thousands of "t-dots" during the double cohort fiasco. A lot of girls wearing sweatpants, uggs and puffy jackets. ALL. THE. TIME. Plus, East Coasters tend to have an automatic hate-on for Toronto. No idea why, probably the have, have-not mentality. I would love to shop in Toronto, but I have so many other places in Canada I'd want to visit first :)

  19. Toronto is one of my favorite cities to visit. I live just outside of Detroit so it's a good 5 hour drive but I love making the trip especially for a weekend. There is so much to do, so much to look at!


  20. awwww i love this.
    so cute!

    next time you come to toronto we should try to meet up!:)


  21. Toronto!! My home town! I'm desperately missing it while I'm over here in France :( Your photos brought up good feelings.

  22. thanks for the little glimpse into Toronto Elycia. I like! hope to take a photo an hour soon, it's such a great idea.

  23. Julie, yes I think we should! I was actually there for a few brief moments yesterday and saw someone I thought looked like you waiting to cross the street! Obviously I didn't say anything cause I'm a chicken and I wasn't 100% sure it was you! But yes, next time I think we should schedule a planned meeting! So fun!

  24. Whoa that pink cement mixer is pretty much amazing!!


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