Wednesday, November 23, 2011

how to :: pyrex stacking

After my post about my kitchen decor so far, I got a bunch of questions about how I stack my Pyrex. I'm sure I did not invent this method, in fact, I know I saw part of it online somewhere but I can't remember where. Anyways...this is how I do it!
I used a combination of small tupperware containers, margarine/butter containers and tupperware that is roughly the same size as the margarine containers.
For my smallest Pyrex I used a bunch of tiny plastic containers that came in a big set of tupperware. I found that they work better than the margarine containers for little bowls. Just turn your plastic containers upside down and place one inside your Pyrex bowl so that the bottom of the plastic container is facing up. This creates a nice little platform for your Pyrex to sit on.
As you can see, when you look at the bowls straight on you can't even see the plastic containers holding it up. How sneaky!
For my larger bowls I used old margarine containers and plastic containers. I placed them upside down inside my Pyrex the same way that I did for the smaller bowls.
Once again, you can't see the containers you used for stacking at all!

This method should safely hold your Pyrex and make it look super cute. I feel especially worry-free because my bowls are inside a cabinet and are safe from clumsy people and kitties knocking them over. Make sure that you stack your bowls in the place you plan on displaying them. That way you do not have to try to carry a wobbly stack of pretty Pyrex, that could get dangerous!

Enjoy and happy stacking!



  1. oowww!! that's how!! thanks for sharing!

  2. hahahahaha I've done this for years and My Paddy has thought I was so weird. I am happy to find another who shares my stacking desires. Has to look pretty right?

  3. Ah i see, thanks for sharing!


  4. i was definitely one who asked. thanks for sharing. what a great way to store all of the little gladware that seems to always get in the way!


  5. This is awesome! Mine always get stuck together, this is great = )


  6. I don't have any Pyrex, though they're beautiful, however this is such a clever idea! You're ace! :D

  7. how sneaky!! definitely tricky and useful advice, thanks :)

  8. okay, seriously? how did I not know this? woah!

  9. This is cute..I'll have to remember to save some plastic containers.

  10. This is how I do it now too! with clear disposable containers :) My future mother in law did it for me when we went away for a few weeks..and I thought it was pretty clever!

  11. I feel kinda blonde that I didn't think of this. lol I would see people displaying their collections and wondered what they were doing! So simple and works so great. I think I will buy some more Pyrex. YAY!


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