Monday, November 14, 2011

home :: kitchen so far


Last week I finished painting the kitchen. Actually, I finished repainting the kitchen. Ivan and I made our first bad colour choice with the original colour we chose for the kitchen. We really wanted yellow but the colour we picked ended up looking neon! We picked a new colour, started over and now I love the colour!  It is a really pretty golden colour that matches the yellow in the wall tiles.
I thought it would be fun to share a few peeks from our kitchen so far. It is not completely perfect by any means but I like showing in progress shots.
My favourite thing about the kitchen at the moment is the built in cabinet with our Pyrex display. I love looking at it! Oh and I like our silly little calendar too. I am having so much fun decorating bit by bit.

Today I am off to look at getting a pretty little Christmas tree. I can't wait to show you guys once it is all up and decorated! Usually I am a bit lazy about decorating for holidays but I am so excited to do it this year. Having a house is fun!

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