Friday, February 12, 2010

5 fav friday

it's friday!! this week seemed to go sooo slowly for some reason.  here are some things i love:

5. labyrinth
I've loved this movie since i was a is one of the few that i updated from vhs to dvd. david bowie is awesome. also...we have this poster at the end of our bed.

I found this shop on etsy the other day. It has adorable paintings, necklaces rings...etc. sooo cute!
3. anyone who bought a headband from me this week!!!

4. kenny vs spenny
it may seem silly...but this show is sooo funny. ivan and i both love it. tonight's episode is 'who can put on the best play?'
1. this guy

 have a good friday!!!



  1. I second the fave for Kenny vs Spenny! It took me a while, but I love that show. Although, doesn't it seem a little more scripted now than before?

  2. yes. i agree. it seems a bit more set up now than it used to. i still love it though!


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