Friday, February 26, 2010

good news!

hello! i had a super busy week, hopefully i'll have more time for blogging next week.

some good news: my bows and bow headbands are being sold at a hair salon in Hamilton near McMaster University! I took some on Tuesday afternoon and on Thursday morning they called to say they would like some more. i'm so excited and grateful that they let me sell them there! so if you're in the Hamilton area pop into Maison Fritz at 1686 Main St. West and take a look at my wares!
 i'll be back later with my 5 favourites for the day but for now i'm going to make some new headbands!



  1. congrats on the new business! that red bow you are wearing in this picture is sooooo cute! i need to wear more hair accessories for sure.

  2. I love your accessories. They're all so stinkin' cute :-) congrats on the new business's exciting.


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