Thursday, March 4, 2010

blog visiting!

hello. it is so awesome to meet nice crafty people in the blog world! krystle did a post on my panda headband yesterday! she is so sweet! and she has a cute blog. check it out here. Also, she is a member of the 'Hello Ladies' and my panda made an appearance on their blog too! found here. the hello ladies look like a fun bunch!
 in other news...stay tuned, i have some cute new items coming soon to my etsy shop. :)



  1. I just wanted to say hello, you and I are "Classmates" for the Indie class! Cute blog and cute headbands!! Have a wonderful day!

  2. hey lady! i will definably be doing a post on your headbands too ! really soon! oh and i love teal blue, and purple! and yes i do all the drawings for my cards myself. :) thanks for the love and i'll send you some rocking stuff today or tomrrow.


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