Tuesday, March 2, 2010

indie business!

super excite! (yes i mean excite, not excited)
we got our indie business workbooks yesterday and they are lovely. this is going to be a super fun class, agreed?


  1. Agreed, fo' sho!

    How did you come learn so many instruments? I do not want to have the regret of never learning one, which I will surely feel when I'm old if I don't. I quit piano and flute when I was younger because my attention was spread so thin. It still is, but I NEED to do it. I think I am musically inclined, if only I'd try. <3

  2. ya! i'm in the class too. also, i had frozen custard in stoney creek when i was 13.

  3. that must be wicked fun! i wish i could find the time to joi in right now! maybe next time :)

  4. yes yes yes! i'm sooo soo excited!


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