Saturday, March 6, 2010


hooray! i was on the front page of etsy yesterday! but i didn't know. i just found out now. :) however, someone bought the item that was on the front page and then sent me a message saying that it was an accident, haha. if someone buys it does it disappear from the front page or does it stay on? maybe that's a silly question...just curious.
so that was exciting. today i need to bake a practice batch of vegan cupcakes. i'm making 3 dozen next week for my friends' wedding and i want to make sure they are yummy first.



  1. congrats! front page days are exciting :)

  2. Congrats, how exciting!

  3. I do believe it dissappears when someone buys it, that's why there are alternates in treasuries. I think etsy is working on the checkout process so there aren't "accidental" purchases. The two step checkout is one of etsy's biggest flaws, so I hope to see it corrected soon. You can report the sale though, and get your fees refunded.

  4. thanks for the info lindsay. now i'm bow probably wasn't up long. oh well! i did cancel the sale and etsy refunded my fees.

  5. Congrats on snagging a front page spot!!! Too bad about the "accidental" sale thoug... awww. At least it made it into their cart? So that's a compliment at least... right? LOL. Your rose headbands are cute!!


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