Friday, April 2, 2010

5 fav friday

hi everyone! i had such a fantastic day! the weather was like summer here, unbelievable. and i won moorea's necklace giveaway! soo exciting! here are some things i love today.

i JUST heard about these shoes for the first time on katie's blog about a week ago and now i'm seeing them all over the place. they are cute and they support a good cause. double win. check out their website here.

4. indian food.
did i say i loved this before? doesn't matter. it is soooo good. i could eat some kind of indian dish everyday. yummy yummy.

3. cute paper goodies from imeon design. I love the cute cards and the paper fortune cookies!
i'm currently saving all the fortunes i get (from real fortune cookies). i want to do a project with them one day. i just have to think of something cool.

2. new blog/etsy shop i've discovered this week: art equals happy

kim has a super cute blog, a super cute etsy shop and an even cuter cat. check out her blog and etsy (and cat)!!

1. friends coming to visit!
our friends from up north are in town for the weekend and i'm sooo happy they're here. we had an amazing day today sitting on a rooftop patio, eating yummy dinner and just hanging out.  hi friends! i like you.

have a great weekend everyone!!!



  1. i totally agree with your number 1 favourite for today...
    i read this just before I was about to go to bed and it totally made my night :)

  2. hi! thanks for saying hi! i checked out your etsy too and i LOVE your stuff - so cute! and your blog is rad - i am thoroughly entertained this saturday evening!

  3. thanks for the linky upy!

    your headbands are the bessstttt. maybe we could a trade? I've got some cute postcards coming in a couple of weeks. [:

    i wear my toms all the time (brown corduroy!) and i had curry tonight! yummmm.


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