Wednesday, April 14, 2010

thrift finds

this weekend ivan and i went searching for cute display ideas for my craft shows this spring/summer. i got some cute stuff which i will post eventually when i set up my 'practice display' at home to see how it will look. for now here are 2 things i craft show just cute.
i have a fun plan for this gumball machine. i'm going to fill it with buttons (pins). i've tested it and they come out perfectly! i'm super excited, i think it will be really cute.

speaking of cute. hehe. i thought this little guy was adorable so i had to grab him. hello baby elephant.

have a lovely evening


  1. What an adorable idea!! I love it! & that elephant is really sweet :)

  2. I love gumball machines. I still want a giant one in my livingroom someday! I love the idea of filling it with buttons!

  3. Aw cute finds! It's weird, I just added you to my Google reader yesterday and then you commented on my blog today!

    Thanks for adding my button, I added your adorable silly faced one to my Indie Biz pals! :)

  4. hey sarah, that's a funny coincidence! it's strange how things work out. thanks for grabbing my button :)

  5. Love your blog! We're classmate but I just found you :)

  6. What a super awesome find!!! I love the gumball machine :D

  7. OMG that gumball machine is amazing! i LOVE THEM since i was a kid and buttons is such a good idea!
    post pics pls!

  8. I just love this gumball machine.. I need one like this, just awesome!! I wish I had thrift stores like that in my city!
    Love your blog!
    Greetings from Spain


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