Tuesday, May 18, 2010

i ♥ etsy - week 12

hi! thanks sooo much for everyone's super nice comments on my craft show set up. as i mentioned it was my first one...and i was a bit nervous... but i had a great time and i really appreciate all of your compliments (blush). you girls and guys are the nicest. ♥. 

this week i get to feature my BESTeam member Fish Princess Designs. Fish Princess Designs makes very pretty jewelry using semi-precious gemstones, fossils, crystals and freshwater pearls. Here are some lovely pieces...

Go check out her etsy shop to see more! Also check out Fish Princess Designs' blog.

That's all for now!

ps. stay tuned...i'm going to be announcing a giveaway this thursday. my birthday is next week and i thought i would giveaway a few things i like to one lucky reader :)

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