Friday, June 11, 2010

5 fav friday

hi! here are 5 things that really get me going!

5. walking
nothing beats a good walk :)

4. tea

how cool is this infuser?

 hehe cute! by chet and dot on etsy

3. pretty sky

2. listening to someone play piano

i can play myself...and i also enjoy that, but i really love listening to someone else play. luckily ivan's pretty good :)

1. dance parties
secret confession...i've been loving (and dancing alone to) this song lately. shhhhh. it's a secret. 

 enjoy the rest of your friday!



  1. I (secretly) love gaga too!
    :D the video is weird but its kind of neat.

  2. I adore the cute crochet teacup ^_^

  3. Totally agree with you - especially about the tea! :D LOL!!

  4. I love walking through trails! I also used to know how to play the piano when I was like 6 lol. I sadly grew out of my piano and my parents never bought me a new one so I forgot how to play. :(

  5. Totally agree with walking! And I love pretty skies! Never really been a tea fan though..

    (But I've been listening to Telephone a lot recently too... Shhh!)

  6. Oh I love dance parties alone, well with my kitties really.


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