Thursday, June 3, 2010

it's almost friday!

hooray! this is going to be a good weekend! i can feel it! tomorrow night my 'up north' friend is coming down and a few of us girls are heading to the movies. then we're having a sleepover! i love that we still have sleepovers even though we're old ladies. hehe, not that old i guess.

here are a few pics from the wedding we were at last weekend.

this is a cute new hair accessory i made. i love the colour!

and i think this is my most favourite picture of ivan ever!
ivan played guitar during cocktails :)
also!!! our friend (the groom) planned the most amazing surprise for his wife...and we got to help. he put together a medley of a bunch of her favourite songs and then we performed them for her during the reception. (we had practiced a bunch of times in the months before the wedding) she was soooo surprised, it was amazing! we had 2 guitars, bass and banjo. i played tambourine and sang. it was so fun and i loved seeing her reaction! best wedding surprise ever!

i have a whole bunch of exciting things to post...i just need to take some photos! stay tuned!!


  1. Your hair is beautiful!


  2. Cute hair! I love the new hair accessory too.


  3. gosh, i LOVE your hair color!
    love your blog

  4. Love the hair accessory! Matches your hair perfectly.
    You look lovely! :)

  5. The hair accessory looks super, well done you!

  6. thanks friends!! you are so sweet! :)

  7. i want your hair so bad,

    those are beautiful pictures!!!

    & WOW what a cute idea for the wedding,i love that! people are getting so creative these days, it's awesomeeee :)


  8. You look so pretty! :) & what a cute man you got there ;)

  9. You look so fab! Love the hairpiece.

  10. I <3 the blue in your hair. Please some to TN and do this to minee!!!! haha.
    Very cute couple , you two make.



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