Monday, June 7, 2010

sew in love

 just a quick photo of a pretty sewing machine i bought a little while ago. i love it! it seems like i'm starting a collection of pretty vintage items in this colour scheme.


ps. maybe tomorrow i will introduce you to someone new :)  for now i'm off to watch twin peaks! eeek, it's so good!


  1. Happy be-lated Birthday! So glad you had a nice suprise day out :D And that is such a lovely shade of blue - so summery and seaside-y.

    Looking forward to meeting another of your cute 'helpers' - they're all so cool :D

  2. what a gorgeous machine! sew jealous XD xx

  3. Its so cute. I love it! I just found one for $5 bucks at a garage sale. My first! It's not cute though. :/ Lovely blog.

    nicole visiting from

  4. What a pretty little thing ^_^

  5. That's gorgeous I got a similar one for €20, a vintage Brothers sewing machine, it needs a bit of repair and cleaning before I can post a pic.

  6. a sewing machine in this color? just adorable!!! <3


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