Friday, July 2, 2010

5 fav friday

hi! here are a few things i love love love this week.

5. vermints

one of my friends got me the cinnamon ones and i love them! i really want to try those chai ones! yummmm
 what a cute idea! i love these! Chantilly reopened her etsy shop yesterday and she has these awesome totes as well as some super cute aprons/smocks that you may remember from my giveaway a while back :) go check her stuff out!

3. swimming
we have a pool and i have only been in once so far this summer! that needs to change. swimming is next on my list of things to do today :)

2. prints from freckles & fairytales
i'm in the process of decorating my craft room (i'll show pics soon) and any of these would be perfect!! i love them all. there are more amazing ones in their etsy shop.

1. this super cute and funny donut making tutorial by kaylah
that was the best thing i saw all week for sure! so clever!!

ok, swim time! talk to you later :)


  1. i love the fabric! also I just read your last posting, all your new stuff is AWESOME! and SUPER cute!! :) i love it.

  2. I love those bags!


  3. i love the tins that come with those mints! i love collecting tins :)

  4. I love the tote! I'm a new follower, your blog looks awesome! Could you follow back?

  5. meggs: thanks so much!

    alycia: i love cute tins!

    kate: thanks for following. i click to try to go to your blog but your settings won't allow me to see your profile. sorry!

  6. just found your blog and i love it!! you're SO so so cute!
    love, elsie

  7. Discovering your blog is like discovering a treasure box. There's so many cool stuff here! I love your 5 fav fridays!! They're so chocked full of pretty and inspirational things! I can't wait to try all the things you suggested cause they look so awesome! So excited to be following you to see what's NEXT!

  8. cute, cute, cute! I like your style, miss elycia :)

  9. elsie: holy cow! thank you! i love your blog and i'm so flattered that you like mine! you're cute too :)

    CHAR: thank you so much for the fantastic compliment! i hope i can live up to your expectations, haha! :)

    becca: thanks so much!

  10. haha, oh yeah! my cats! i'll post soon :)

  11. Thanks so much for featuring my totes Elycia! I just ordered more of the chalk cloth. I messed up SO much of it during the prototype phase.

    I love those prints by freckles & fairytales! Thanks for the introduction.

  12. Oh this weather has been ridiculous and gross! My parents have a pool but since I work all week I'm just going to hide in my air conditioned apartment.
    By the way, are you going to Art Crawl this Friday in Hamilton?


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