Friday, July 30, 2010

5 fave friday

hi, i'm off to camp for the weekend! before i head out here are a few things i love.

5. big hair

4. momiji dolls
this lovely lady reminded me of how cute these little dolls are when i was visiting her blog yesterday

3. this print from ashley g
i got mine in the mail this week and i love it. it's in my studio :)

2. these super adorable shoes from hydra heart

1. these letters from edie's lab
those are my initials...congratulations to anyone who can guess my middle name. :) hint: i didn't like it much...until i watched a certain 90's tv show. now i think it's awesome.

have a great weekend. we'll be sleeping under the stars.


  1. hmmm...daria? donna from that 70s show? danny tanner from full house (haha, just kidding)

  2. I love hydra heart shoes. I want a pair so bad. And.... on the momiji dolls, (thanks for mentioning me btw), I found an online place that ships in Canada! Hurray for momiji dolls haha
    Have a happy weekend.

  3. I love those letters! & your hair looks cute! :)

  4. Love those shoes! And the letters! And the plant beside the letters! Haha.

  5. Great pics! Definitely love that print:)

  6. I adore that print and always wondered where it was from! And as for your name I thought Donna as well because of 90210.

  7. I think I might need all of those Momiji dolls. And I was going to go with "Donna" for 90210. I was more of a Brenda fan myself.

  8. Love the thrifting print :) Dawn? no idea..mine is Dawn though! Lol!

  9. Eeee, momiji dolls are awesome! I really want the silly billy one you posted first of all.

  10. Love your 'big hair' - very pretty :) And momiji dolls are so cute. Are you a 'Darla', mayhaps? Not so very sure... ;)

  11. LOVE your big hair. I don't know what your middle name is but I'm hoping for Daria just because it's cool, although Donna from that 70's show was the first thing that popped in my mind and she's cool too.

  12. I'm going to throw out my guess for your middle name and go with Darlene.
    Can't wait for the big reveal! :)

  13. i love those shoes with the single button.

    hmm is your middle name darcy? or dana?


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