Saturday, July 10, 2010

cool kids support local - prompt #2

so i missed prompt #1, i didn't make it to a local coffee shop, oops! to my credit though i avoided starbucks all week.
for prompt #2 we went my favourite restaurant...possibly of all time.
India Village is in Ancaster on 370 Wilson St (for anyone local you should definitely check it out!). They have the yummiest indian food with tons of options for vegetarians and vegans. The owners are some of the nicest people ever and one of our friends used to work there in the kitchen (so he can cook up some amazing indian himself.)
they always serve you pappadums with yummy sauce. but...oops, we ate it before i remembered to take a photo. we were very hungry.
one of my favourite things on the menu are the samosas. they are delicious.
ivan thinks so too :)

we also forgot to take photos of our meals but they were so yummy. ivan got paneer vindaloo and i got a lentil dish (i can't remember now what it was called). i usually get mirch masala (super hot!) but i'm forcing myself to try new things. add some naan bread and a mango lassi for ivan and that was our delicious meal!

here is a photo of the ceiling :)
it is so nice and cozy inside and they make you feel so welcome. they are also very good at recommending dishes if it is your first indian experience.

so there you go! yum.
i hope everyone has a good weekend. we're going to my awesome friend's birthday party on sunday and it's being catered by india village! so exciting! what are you up to?


  1. ooooh I LOVE indian food!! you just reminded me that we have a great local indian restaurant that I need to go back too ;)

    have a GREAT weekend elycia!!

  2. Hi Elycia! I'm ashamed to say I've never had Indian food (except your basic chicken curry) but have always wanted to try it! I need to find a good place here in town & try something new. Your dinner sounds delish!

  3. It's cool seeing someone so close to me in the blog world! (I'm in Brantford.)


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