Thursday, July 29, 2010

it makes me feel like marching

silverchair have been one of my favourite bands forever. their music has changed so much, if you haven't heard them since the 90's you are in for a surprise. their newer stuff could be from a musical. i love it. here is what i'm listening to to start my day.

isn't it fun? have a super day :)


  1. I love their new (and old) sound too! And their videos are always awesome.

  2. oh! silverchair! i used to love them so much in highschool. oh, memories. the video on your page is down, but i'll definitely youtube them!

  3. Okay, I've scrolled over your blog since yesterday, read every little post ... ( I've found you on Kaylah's blog ...)
    I was already loving your little world, your crazyness, Anakin and Farvah, everything here ...
    But now you're talking about silverchair, one of my favorite bands EVER ♥ I'm still a fan, I still love Dan, I'm looking for him to do this new project, "My mind's own melody".
    You made my day !!!


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