Monday, August 16, 2010

4 simple goals

 i love elsie's idea for 4 simple goals. (ivan loved it too and i think he may make some for himself  :)

 here are mine...
1. keep a journal
 i really feel like keeping a journal will help me organize my thoughts and be honest with myself. i am going to try to take some time everyday to reflect and write something down. this might be a hard one, haha.

2. make something from a vintage pattern
 i've kind of been hoarding vintage patterns. before the end of the year i am going to pick one and make something cute.

3. do more things just for fun
 ivan and i are going to make it a priority to do more things just for fun and be more spontaneous. we have already kind of started this but i thought i would include it to make sure it continues.

4. meal planning
personal health is super important to me. eating healthy and exercising are some of the best things you can do for yourself. i am a pro at exercising (mostly), but sometimes i fall off the healthy eating wagon. i blame poor planning! my goal is to make weekly meal plans that are delicious and super healthy. I have so many amazing vegan cookbooks this shouldn't be too hard. i'll also try to share some especially good dishes with you!

are you in on the 4 simple goals? what are yours?

i have a bunch of other goals and mini-challenges for myself that i am working on right now, i guess i won't list them all here...that could get long. i am hoping that they all make my life more awesome, haha.


ps. watch out this week for a couple of fun announcements :)


  1. totally with you on the journal thing!

  2. oh gosh you are so cute!! i love love love your hair :)

    i'm doing the 4 simple goals as can check them out on my blog. yours are all really good too...i might work on your goals after i do my own haha!!

    also i think it's so cool that you're in canada. there is a lack of sweet canadian bloggers, don't you think? and you really don't live that far away!!

  3. I love goals! And your sounds great! Is that your sewing machine b/c its awesome :)


  4. Isn't this project so much fun!? :) Love your goals. Mine are here if you'd like to see

    :) Good luck with your goals! x

  5. nice list. your blog is like your journal, no?

    my number one goal is sprucing up my kitchen - i spend a lot of time there (creating vegan food!=) and would like to make it more cozy and functional. number two: learn how to use my sewing machine! (swooning over yours, btw).

  6. carly: thanks! i like your goals too! thumbs up for canadian bloggers :)

    carrie: yes that is my sewing machine. not the one i use to sew though. i'm using it as decoration in my studio right now. i love it.

    kelli: my blog is kind of like my journal. i don't blog about everything i'm thinking though. that would be too intense for me, haha. i love your blog by the way!

  7. i thought i'd write you back on here otherwise you may not have seen my reply to you if i commented on mine. anyway, i currently live in peterborough...i moved here about 2 1/2 years parents live in pickering though (that's where i am when i say i'm going home) annnnd i lived in st.catharines for 2 years when i was going to brock, not too far if you're in stoney creek!

  8. good goals...especially the journal one. I'd like to keep one but I don't think I would be able to keep it up. My blog is my way to remember what I do day-to-day (which will be helpful down the road since I have the world's worst memory) but I agree, it would be way too intense to put all my thoughts and feelings out there, haha.

  9. If this was more than four simple goals, 1 and 4 from your list would've been on mine too. I'm going to strive for those two anyway though! My list is on my blog if you wanted to have a look. :)

  10. This idea's nice! I have as a goal the journal one too, and I agree it's more difficult than it seems!
    I envy the people who have this natural attitude.. Even keeping a blog is hard to me!

  11. I'm doing the 4 simple goals, too. I think healthy, balanced vegetarian/vegan cooking is harder than people realize. My family is under the assumption that I eat salads for every meal. My problem is burn-out. My husband comes home for lunch on weekdays so I make 3 meals a day almost everyday. (I won't lie. I take weekends off.) I honestly just get tired of cooking. Do you own The Kind Diet? Do you like that one?

  12. love ALL of these goals, especially #2 :)

  13. aww... love your goals, especialy the first!! I always wanted to keep a journal, but i'm not serious enough... :)
    It's a great challenge!! I participate too!

  14. I would love to know more about your pro-exercising! That is a huge challenge for me so I love to know what works well for others. :)

  15. yay! a fellow 'simple things' participant :) I agree with your number 3 and 4, but those are all great things. I posted mine a couple of days ago on my blog too :)

  16. Good luck with your goals! I think I may have to steal number 1 and 3, haha! Do you ever check out the waterfalls in Dundas? I looooooove them. I love going for picnics at a waterfall. There are so many around there!

  17. I'm totally on board with your goals!!! Just remember to take the cookbooks out the oven before preheating!!! :)

  18. Great goals!! And I love when I find a new blog to add to my Google Reader!! :) You can check out my goals as well at I'm not so much a regular blogger, but maybe that's goal #5??
    And, yes, that sewing machine is awesome!! Is it yours?

  19. Love your goals. I, too, need to add a few of them to my list!

  20. I just found you over at Freckled Nest. The "Every Girl Has A Story" prints are wonderful. I love the dress and shoe combo in the first post, but wanted to comment here because I noticed we have many of the same books! I'm not 100% vegan or vegetarian for that matter, but I'm getting there. Most days are meatless and many are dairy-free too. Honey--now, that might be a problem to give up!


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