Wednesday, August 11, 2010

this past weekend i participated in my last outdoor market for the summer. 
i was very bright as you can see! my table wasn't as fully loaded as usual. a lot of my displays are not wind friendly so i'm nervous to put them up.

it wasn't super busy but there was a caribana parade going down james street during the market.
it was cool to watch. all of those float things are handmade :) some of them were crazy!

i'm really really excited about the next few markets i'll be in. i'm planning on making some all new products for them :) if you live in the hamilton/niagara area you should come by! 
the first one is...

the next one is...
one of the organizers of this one is the same sweet lady who invited me to my first ever market!
i am doing the october market and i believe there are still spaces available if you want to join me! the venue is awesome.

EDIT: i forgot to link to the sweet lady, haha. it is erin of chasing clouds. i have some of her vegan lip balm and it is amazing.

talk to you soon!


  1. Oh... your Blythes are so sweet. Mine are all boxed up for the impending move, but I promised to take them back home with me in September and have a photoshoot.

  2. lovely: thank you! you are so sweet.

    rabbit: ohhh i can't wait to see your blythes!

  3. You're so cute!! Hooray for a new blog to follow. And yes, your hair is super rad. You should bring some of your goodness to Texas! :)

  4. amazing! everything's so merry and festive, I'm glad you take part of such a great event! must've been quite an experience

  5. Your hair looks great!
    I have a question though- are you by any chance selling that bubble gum machine you have displayed on your craft table? Let me know! Thanks!
    -Angela Anne
    p.s. I have a new blog- check it out!

  6. Looks like fun! I should check out those other two craft shows. Maybe I'll stop by! :)


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