Tuesday, October 12, 2010

looong weekend

before i share a few weekend photos, here are a few more veg out participants to check out!

June Vintage - very pretty blog with a few tips on going vegan/vegetarian. stop by and say hello! ps, my grama's name is june...i love my grama :)

Nynga and the Bear - great veg story. Tiffany went vegetarian in grade 6! awesome.

Tiny Teapot - super yummy veggie lunch!

Swings & Roundabouts - absolutely delicious looking veggie burgers! i will be trying these out for sure!

The Nearsighted Owl - a relatively new vegetarian's story :)

My Corner of the Internet - Han is going vegetarian every Friday in October! awesome!

i hope i didn't miss anyone! thanks so much to everyone who is participating. you are making me so happy :) i ♥ you.

here are a few weekend photos.
ivan and i bought a house...it's a little on the small side...
hehe, no, we didn't really buy a house. that is the shed in my dad's backyard. and those are 2 of my cousins...second cousins actually. i didn't really ask their permission to post photos of them...but they are family so they won't be too mad :)
i love reflection photos. since highschool i have wanted to take a series of reflection photos. maybe one day.
i let my cousins 'style' my hair.
my dad lives by the water so after dinner we took a walk and saw a pretty sunset. i love pretty sky!

did everyone have a nice (hopefully long) weekend?



  1. I sure did!
    Your dad's shed is adorable haha :D

  2. I love that second to last photo! You look so pretty in it :)

  3. I love your hair! I'm die-ing my hair again at the end of the week but it'll be read rather than anything particularly crazy like blue or pink hehe.

    Thanks for the link :D

  4. I love these photos (: Your hair looks amazing and the sunset is so pretty. My weekend was okay. Next weekend promises to be 100x better though.

  5. aww, such a cute little shed!
    i love it.
    your hair is beautiful!


  6. thanks for all of the veggie links, i am going to check them out for sure! my weekend was pretty boring, but that's how it usually is around this small town! what a cute little shed, and you have to be one of the most photogentic persons i have ever seen. so pretty!

  7. Love the photos. I agree with campfire chic... especially the 2nd to last.

  8. your hair looks so great!
    thanks for sharing all the great links. I still need to catch up with all the posts and this is helping a lot :)

  9. you hair looks so pretty curled. this is my favourite favourite colour combo, you look so good!!

  10. stop posting pictures of your cute cute hair! you are gonna make me dye it bleach it with blue and purple streaks and i don't think i would look good blond! i want your hair!!!!!!! damn my dark complexion! hehehehe looks like you had a fun weekend sweetie!


  11. love your hair! makes me feel so boring;)

  12. I'm obsessed with your hair, those colors are so pretty together. I found your blog through the cookie button....now following. :)

  13. you're soooooooo cute!
    what an awesome weekend & awesome photo's!
    happy thanksgivinggg!

  14. i adore your hair, seriously love those picture! :)

  15. Beautiful photos! Hehe love your new "home". And your new hairstyle!!

  16. Your hair reminds me of cotton candy! I love it! :)


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