Friday, November 19, 2010

5. whole foods.
i am seriously in love with this store. we have a few in ontario but the main difference is they don't have an amazing beer selection like the ones in the states! we have been going a bit crazy in the one down many of our favourite beers are available! my one major complaint about Ontario is our beer stores/LCBO. they do not carry a good selection. anyways...i love whole foods, the whole thing, not just the beer section.

4. sequin shoes
maybe it's vegas...but i have really been eyeing sequin shoes! i especially love black sequin flats. they are so cute. i don't know if i will break down and get some...we'll see :)

4. this dress
i love the colour and the style so much. it is soooo pretty.

2. chipotle
am i crazy? we need these in canada. i love their bean burritos! i like a lot of food related things this week, haha. one of my favourite parts about coming to the states is all the yummy food! seriously, everything is so good.

1. cirque du soleil
we saw mystere and KA and they were both amazing! KA was actually beyond amazing. you should definitely check it out if you get a chance!

did everyone have a good week? i hope so!

i will be back shortly with an awesome recipe from My Girl Thursday!

love, elycia


  1. Wow, I'm so jealous you got to see cirque du soleil, they look amazing. I love that dress too, very sweet.

  2. Chipotle is in Canada! There's a few in Toronto :) so yummy!!

  3. I saw cirque du soleil LOVE the beatles one when I was in vegas and it was the most amazing thing EVER I would go back to vegas just to see that again... I'm not sure if its still there anymore though :( But it was fantastic especially if you love the beatles which i doo!

  4. i love cirque du soleil...they just got to town : )

  5. Mmm...chipotle. I love their lime rice.

  6. i love black sequins. flats are definitely subtle, whereas my black sequin shorts were a little more flashy. i say go for it!!

  7. We were in Vegas last month and the highlights were definitely the food. Especially the deserts, just heavenly! We'll have to save our lunch money and catch KA next time we're there.

  8. I LOVE Chipotle! Delicious-ness. And I so want to see the Dralion show from Cirque du Soleil but it won't be performing anywhere near me. :( Boo!
    (You should have stole that Las Vegans sign. Ok, not really, but I think it's clever.)

  9. there's a chipotle on dundas square in toronto! we LOVE it! and i LOVE LOVE cirque du soleil. i want to see Love in Las Vegas (the beatles themed one...)

  10. I LOVE Whole Foods but I've never been to one in the States, I'll have to the next time I'm near one! I looooove the beer section at Trader Joe's If there is one in Vegas - GOOOOOOOO! And if there is an In 'N Out make sure you go there too!! Get the grilled cheese burger! (No meat!)

    can you tell I'm jealous? Hahahaha and not about the casinos or night life there or anything... just the food! hehe.

  11. Chipotle is okay...there's some in Toronto. You should go to Chorizo's, it's near my house. Yummy yum!


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