Monday, November 22, 2010

i love harry potter

so...we went to see the new harry potter movie yesterday. i loved it! has anyone out there seen it? what did you think? 

i remember when i first discovered harry potter...i was sleeping over at my cousin's house and i needed something to read before bed. she is 7 years younger than me and at that time i was in high school so she didn't have tons of books that looked appealing. so...i ended up picking up harry potter; i thought it would help put me to sleep. 

i ended up staying up for the entire night reading it. it was such a magical book, i was hooked. i think the first 3 or 4 books had been released at that time so i borrowed the others and loved each one more than the last. 

thinking about harry potter makes me very aware that i have a few strange reading seems like a good time to share them. 

1. i like to reread books.
when i read a book for the first time i am very on edge not knowing what happens. however, i like surprises so i am not one of those people who will read the end first. so when i read a new book usually i read it quickly. i enjoy it but i don't really absorb anything. so...i can easily reread a book at least 3 times and sometimes i actually forget the main plot points so it is like i am reading a new book. weird? the harry potter series is one of my favourites to reread. it is so relaxing to me. i don't know why. i just love rereading those books. 

2. if a book is part of a series i can't skip around...i need to start at the beginning. 
so...if i want to read the 7th harry potter book i need to read 1 through 6 first. i physically cannot just read the 7th book. it feels so wrong. soooo...i have read the first 4 harry potter books so many times. this applies to any book that is part of a series...yikes. i'm crazy.

does anyone else have strange habits, reading or otherwise? please share so i don't feel so nuts!

talk to you soon!
love, elycia


  1. I really want to see it bad! I have read them all when I got the first one I felt kinda silly reading a kids book but omg i was like you I could not put it down hooked


  2. When I read HP, I was going on 8 years old and I still reread them today. So you're not alone on that one. :D

    I can read about 5 books at once. Not literally, of course, but yea. And if I'm in the middle of a book & stop reading it for a week or so (for whatever reason), I have to start the book over.

    Deathly Hallows was amazing! I loved it so much. It was sooo visually amazing & everything.

  3. oh I for sure could not read a book in the middle of a series.. have to start from the beginning! I cannot wait to see the new harry potter movie! <3 hp

  4. yeah, i've seen the movie last friday
    i can totally agree with you on your first reading habit!
    i just LOVE to reread books, because I'm reading quickly too just to know the end faster and not paying much of attention to the details
    and as to HP series, I just can says that i've reread those like dozens of time, they're so relaxing andcozy I don't know :)
    but as to your second habit - i'm not such of a kind, i sometimes just feel that I need to read THAT EXACTLY part right just now, so I read it :)
    but it has sad consequences - I'm a little bit messed up with the plot of the entire series - i don't remember in which part this happened and in which that, so I think as the weather behind the window is so appealing to get under the blenket with a book, i'll start over!)

  5. LOVES dear harry potter. And is it me or is Ron one cute red head. He can put a spell on me anytime! aahahah :)

    This movie is going to be awesome I know it!

  6. I thought the movie was really close to the book and was fantastic. I love the little story of how you discovered Harry Potter. I can't quite remember how I found the books :/ I'm not sure I have many habits with books...apart from the fact that if a movie is based on a book I have to read the book first.

  7. My reading habits are exactly the same. Whenever I got a new Harry Potter book I would have them read in a day or two. I've read them all quite a few times as well. And I could never read a series of books out of order! Just the idea of it seems crazy to me, haha.

    I hate to admit it (partly because I want to like them and partly because I'm scared of the backlash, haha) but I'm really not a fan of the movies. I've heard that the latest one is the most true to the book though so I'm sure I'll get around to watching it eventually.

  8. My boyfriend and I are going to see it this weekend! I can't wait, I'm so excited! It's sad that the films are almost over though:(

    Marja <3

  9. We saw it over the weekend and it was SO good! The Hubbums and I totally decided we would have happily sat through all 5 hours of the whole thing in one shot! LOL! We devoured those books and it is so cool that the movies have been created so amazingly well!

  10. i adore the book series! i didn't start getting into harry potter until the "prison of azkaban" movie came out (my parents said it was the devil.) i love the books AND the movies so much!

    it should be a pretty quick read to go through all 7 books. i breezed through the first 6 but the last one does take a little while, threes A LOT going on! it’s so worth it though!

    Happy reading! ^_^

  11. I didn't start reading Harry Potter until I was 25... That was 7 years ago though. When I started reading them Prisoner of Azkaban was about to hit the theatres and Order of the Phoenix had JUST hit the book shelves. My brother told me I needed to read them. I love fantasy fiction so I did. I finished 1-5 in a week and then for HBP and DH I went to Wal Mart at Midnight and got my copy and read them in an 18 hour time span. Sleeping only 4 hours out of that. ha. Harry Potter has been one of the most amazing imaginary escapes for me! I loved pt 1 of DH so so so much. Prisoner of Azkaban will always be the most magical reading experience but DH is my favorite book.

    I don't have to start from the beginning of the series in reading but I do have to begin at POA. :) Great Post. Harry Potter LOVE!

  12. i haven't seen it yet!!!!!!!! i have to wait till my mom gets back from spain, it is tradition that we go each year <3


  13. I'm never been into Harry Potter but I totally feel on about rereading books a few times. I want to find out what happens so I read through them so quickly that I miss half the details. The worst is when I read so fast that I skip over important details or events and have to go back and find out who someone is or what actually happened. I love love love reading!

  14. I'm exactly the same with rereading books! Am glad its not just me :) xx

  15. I was 9 years old when I started reading HP. The movie was so good, and SO sad, because its the beginning of the end you know?!

  16. I went to the midnight showing of Harry Potter on thursday! :D

    I so wish I would've got into reading the books. I think it's all because my mom randomly bought me the 4th book in the series and I had never read any of the others.

  17. Gah, I am yet to see it but it is only my list of things to watch at the cinema. I hear people talking about it everywhere I go. Even on the bus in the mornings to work!

  18. I haven't seen it yet, but I can't wait!

    The first time I tried to read Harry Potter was when I was in high school I borrowed it from my brother who was 7. I was bored to death and stopped, because I've never been into fantasy. And then I refused to read it ever on principle. Then about a year ago, I gave them another shot, read through the whole series in four days and I love them.

    The weird book habits I have.. I refuse to reread books haha and I refuse to read books that have followings like this or Twilight (and I've read both, oops!) and I hate fantasy. (I always break the rules!!)

  19. I haven't seen the movie yet, but hopefully sometime soon. And I have the same reading habits too, but also if I stop reading a book for a long while the next time I pick it up I have to start over to remember everything.

  20. i love HP, too, though I haven't seen the movie yet... :S

  21. I never skip around books in a series. And I am always re-reading books. Sometimes I feel like I want to read a book but if I am in a sad mood or something I will pick a book that I have read before. It's like a talk with an old friend.
    I started reading the Harry Potter books when I was working at the library and I was going through a divorce. I had seen the first two movies and I knew the books had to be better. I read the first five in about a week and a half. I still haven't seen Half Blood Prince (not sure why) or the new movie as I rarely see movies at the theatre.

  22. I feel the same way. I have only read the whole Harry Potter series once though. :b

  23. Totally agree with you on 'series' books - I have to start at the beginning and read them in order (and it's the same with movies in a series too). It just makes more sense that way. Boring, but true! Also, to watch the movie, I have to have read the book (in the case of HP) first. So glad I finished book 7 - hopefully I'll get to see the movie sometime over the holiday season now :)

  24. Haha, I reread Harry Potter all the time. PoA is my favourite book, I think I reread it over 25 times. Yup, that's a little crazy. The book is falling apart, by the way.

    I mainly still love reading the series because I get sucked into that magical world, just like I did when I was 13. It gives me a nostalgic feeling.

    I deeply regret the fact that I've never been to a mignight release of one of the books ): Some of my friends were going to London for the release of DH. So cool.


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