Monday, November 29, 2010

vegas photos

hi! as promised here are a few photos from our trip to vegas.i will be adding more on my flickr later in the week. enjoy :)
we had so much fun...i love vacations. isn't ivan's moustache funny? it's even thicker now!


ps. i have some reallllllly exciting news. but i need to do a good post to announce it. sometime this week for sure :) eeeks!


  1. I love your hair Elycia! It's so pretty, I am so jealous of your vacation! I need one so badly.

    && are you pregnant!? haha

  2. VEGASS!!! (: pictures looked great!

  3. so glad you had fun! i feel so bad for that lion in that cage! when we went people we being stupid and the lion got upset and jumped at the person...made me sad :( i can't wait to go on vacation...4 more months, eek!

    can't wait to here the good news!!!


  4. Wow, it looks like you had a blast! I'm jealous!
    I totally don't remember Ivan looking like that. Did he cut his hair too? Or is it just the moustache transformed his face? haha
    I also love the new photo of you in the sidebar. GORGEOUS! xo

  5. FUn, fun, fun! Vegas is so cool, and I don't even drink or gamble. Wish I could go now!

  6. Woah, fun trip! I've been meaning to go to Vegas as an adult. The last time I was there I was 13. From what I remember, it was SOOOO BORRRRING.


  7. N'aww, you look so pretty in that gorgeous peppermint coloured skirt sweet. Oooh, exciting news? Can't wait! Vegas looks like so much fun! Have a lovely week.

  8. Did you get to pet that kitty behind the glass? Ha ha ha!

  9. I found your blog from the guest post on "She Breathes Deeply", the broches are very cute! If I knew how to know I would def. attempt them, lol. I'm your newest follower! :)

  10. Lovely photos! i love your green dress.

  11. Lovely photos! And congrats on your engagement, I wish you a lot of happiness!


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