Friday, December 31, 2010

5. mary rebecca's golden snitch necklaces
4. cat versus human
oh my goodness, so funny! pop by the cat versus human blog for tons more amazing cat comics.

3. wedding brooch bouquets by lionsgate designs
soooo pretty!

2. this pretty dress from modcloth

1. this amazing peppermill!!

i hope everyone has a fun new year's eve. we're just decided last night to have a few friends over to relax and play some games. sounds fun to me!!


ps. i forgot to mention yesterday that i think i found my dream job. team mascot! yes please! think about get to dance around and act as silly as possible...and you're in disguise so no one knows who you really are! where do i sign up?


  1. I was actually chuck e cheese for a while in high school and it was totally fun until the kids started ambushing me. Lol. Dancing around during the birthday song was my favorite! It got super hot in there though, so just make sure you do it someplace cold :). Super excited to see your new blog design! Have a great new year's eve! xo! Mindy

  2. aw. i love that kitty cartoon. thank goodness andy electric has never done that before. please please please (since you have a ring on your finger and i don't...yet) do brooch bouquets. start collecting now and you can even DIY one yourself! i've found some really pretty ones on etsy for a little over $300 which is a fair price to me as they are gorgeous and you'd have it forever (it wouldn't die on you like real flowers) i definitely want brooch bouquets and then have my bridesmaids wearing a little cluster of them on their vintage dresses instead of carrying bouquets themselves. haha, i've thought about this a lot ;)

    happy new year pretty lady!!
    excited for your blog in 2011

  3. Wow, thank you for including my Snitch necklace! :D

    ...and thank you for linking to that blog--I know where my day will be spent. haha

  4. that golden snitch necklace is soooo cute. i have to get one!

    happy new years!!

  5. Elycia, I think we were separated at birth! I love EVERYTHING you've posted here. I'm super excited to check out the cat versus human blog too because I LOVE kitty humor! (And I may just have to snag one of those snitch necklaces soon!)

  6. the cat comics are hilarious! i can't stop clicking on to the next page:)


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