Friday, January 28, 2011

hi! so this time i really will be back later with an outfit post, haha. for now here are some things i love!

5. these dresses
i went on a major window shopping spree last night, haha. sooo many dresses i want to buy!

4. moorea's gold quartz ring
i looove the colour of this ring. so tempted to buy it.

3. elsie's post on scarves
i am always looking for new ways to wear scarves!

2. lipstick
i never wear lipstick...but i'm going to start testing it out in case i decide i want red lipstick for the wedding. it feels so weird, i need to get used to it. keiko has some great lipstick tutorials.

1. my girl thusday's new totes

today i am going wedding dress shopping with my friend who is also getting married. we're making the trip into toronto so if you live there look for me walking the streets, haha.

talk to you soon!


  1. I love the totes and the second dress. Beautiful!

    I never wear lipstick, but I've always wanted to because it can look so pretty on what seems like everyone else.

  2. Dress shopping is exciting! I think lipstick looks really cute, but I don't think I could wear it.

  3. Yay for Toronto! Please tell me you'll be going on the Danforth - I've walked past and peeked into some wonderful bridal stores there!

  4. You're awesome Elycia! I'm going to send your tote this weekend. I know you're going to love it - it's so bright and happy (just what we need to get us through the last couple months of winter).

    I had bookmarked that lipstick tutorial too. Now I just have to find the right shade of red!

  5. The scarf tutorial is so cute and well, red lipstick is just so cheery in the winter. Looks good and keeps the lips from getting chapped! :)

  6. I *love* that second dress! SO PRETTY.

  7. Love those lips too! And those dresses!!
    Have so much fun with your bud dress shopping! :) Next weekend I do - I'm stoked!!
    I'll be working on my secret project (MOH) this weekend! Wootwoot!

  8. i love that first dress! that pattern is great and so is the color :D i love vintage dress...**sigh**


  9. Love the yellow dress and the scarves picture

  10. eee!<3 keiko :)
    i tried wearing red lipstick once...and looked like a chola. hahaha

  11. awesome faves! window shopping is one of my favorite things to do :)

  12. i LOVE red lipstick. i recommend lip stain by revlon. the color is FLAME. It's a pen- it will stay on the entire night- promise. i hope you'll try it! it's relatively cheap for a lip stain!
    let me know if you try it! i am in LOVE with mine!

    love, polly :)


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