Monday, January 17, 2011

i ♥ astrid...and her mom

i was lucky enough on sunday to meet a fellow blogger!
see how excited i was...that is my excitement face. :)
Astrid's mom had an exhibit called Foundling at the Grimsby Art Gallery which is super close to where we live. ivan and i popped over to say hello and ended up spending the entire afternoon with Astrid, her mom and Astrid's friend who co-ops at the gallery. everyone was so, so nice and we had sooo much fun.

we took some photos, that's just what happens when you put 2 bloggers in the same room...this is apparently our definition of 'acting natural', haha. Astrid's mom (who is awesome by the way) took a bunch of photos. these were ivan's 'behind the scenes' photos.
see all those sleepers? Astrid's mom sewed them from vintage curtains. there was also a super long table covered in beautiful tea cups and saucers. ivan and i loved the exhibit. here are some photos...
Astrid and her mom were so so sweet. they even gave me a signed copy of the exhibit catalogue. the catalogue is beautiful and Astrid did a bunch of the photography for it. so cool!

i always get nervous meeting people for the first time (i'm kind of shy) but i am so glad ivan and i went. I'm sure Astrid will be posting more photos from the exhibit so pop by her blog and say hello! i totally wish i was part of Astrid's family, that's how awesome she and her mom are!

did you do anything fun this weekend?



  1. *__* I love all those pretty clothes! and those teacups are so pretty!

  2. So lovely exhibition! I also get nervous meeting people for the first time, but it's good to get to know new people.

    I visited the library and my friend this weekend. She showed me some really beautiful stamps.

  3. Looks like a super cute exhibit!

  4. So cute! And I love the name Astrid. Glad you had fun <3

  5. Sounds fun and that exhibit looks amazing!! :)

    The Sweetest Live

  6. that sounds like an amazing time: art gallery, new friends, pictures, and cool moms. what more is there to life?? well a lot more, but how exciting!

  7. yes meeting blogging buddies is very fun! that exhibit is really cool and i love the little oneies! ( not sure if that really is how you spell that :0)

    i have a question for you & wanted to email you...but couldn't find a way to contact you...


  8. those teacups are so cute!!! as for us, the usual is nothing exciting this weekend - at least no where near as pretty and lovely as you experienced :)

  9. I had quite the boring weekend myself. I found a little sandwich shop today that has a de-licious veggie sub, though.

  10. Hehe, it seems like getting in the photography "zone" extends to everyone who owns a camera now! When me and my friends meet with our dolls, we can literally lapse into silence for ten or twenty minutes just snapping happily away...! It's good to have friends who understand lol!

    That awesome exhibit kind of makes you want to have 100 kids...kind of, but maybe not!! xx

  11. I kinda sorta want some of those sleepers for my little man. Using vintage curtains is a fantastic idea. <3

  12. Eeeep! What lovely photos! I just got home about 10 minutes ago and will email you all the photos tomorrow afternoon after some sleepy time and taking our pooch to the vet :) I had a wonderful time meeting you both also :) (and got nervous before too! hehe)


  13. Love this!! So lovely to see more photos of Michele's Foundling show! Yay that you got to see it! (can't wait for it to come to Peterborough)
    You and Astrid = sweetness personified! xox!
    (yup, using lots of exclamation points...)

  14. Love the patterns and colors on the vintage fabrics! You look adorbs in the red bow headband too.

  15. Looks like such a fun time! Great exhibit as well:)

  16. aren't they THE CUTEST family ever? Astrid is like the epitome of what I dream for Georgia's teenage years. she's so smart and well-adjusted and pretty dang cute too!

    hmmm, so if Astrid is the kind of daughter I want in 15 years - does that mean that I get to be the cool artsy mom? Yesssss!!!

  17. ack ack ack! why are you so cute! i actually love you!

    lets meet and take awkwardly amazing photos together pleaseee?

  18. Aw, that sounds like a ton of fun!! :)


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