Saturday, January 22, 2011

a little help from my friends...

i know the blog world is FULL of amazing photographers. i thought maybe you guys could help me find some wedding photographers to look into...pretty please? hehe. finding the perfect photographer is high on our list of things to do!

if you are a wedding photograher who would be willing to travel to Burlington on June 25, 2011, or if you know of some awesome wedding photographers in the Hamilton/Burlington area leave me a link in the comments or send me a quick email at loveelycia[at] i would really appreciate any suggestions! (that beginning part totally sounded like a commercial, hehe)

here are some super pretty wedding shots that i love...

i know i said i would show you invitations this week...maybe i'll work on them today :)



  1. - She's based in Woodstock, Ontario. I'm not sure if she'd travel to Hamilton/Burlington, it's really not that far from Woodstock. Let her know Crystal Newberry sent you :)

  2. also based in Woodstock, Ontario.

  3. Finding a photographer was the FIRST thing I made sure to do. And I got super lucky having someone right in town who is very talented and willing to cut me a great deal. I wish I could help you! Good luck in your search.

    I will probably be posting some info soon about my photographer. :]

  4. oh, photographer is so super important. it's pretty much #1 on my list of wedding things (when that time comes for me)


    she did my cousins Hamilton wedding - she is Hamilton based i am pretty sure she won a readers co ice photographer in the spectator

    and she also has a website helping with all little wedding details

  6. Daniel Wylie is local and his work is spectacular. I will email you the link. I have a friend who's amazing too (and I mean, like omg amazing) but I believe she packed up and moved out west. Daniel always shoots locally. I heard about him because he's the parent of a kid I taught, so I'm not recommending him because he's a friend or anything.
    Although it looks like you've already got some solid recommendations!

  7. I looked again and maybe it's not quite right for you but here's the link anyway...
    he's good and local.

  8. One of our best friends is an a-may-zing photographer! He did our wedding pics and I was super pleased with them. I dunno if he can help you out though, 'cause we all live in Puerto Rico.. sorry :p

    But I just wanted to add that I love that aqua tux in the first picture. Super pretty :)

  9. I wish I knew of some in your area! Best of luck in your search - finding our wedding photographer was one of my favorite parts of wedding planning!

  10. No suggestions here as we opted to not even have a photographer, but I love these pictures!

  11. I don't know any photographers around that area, however here is the link to my favorite photographer for inspiration !

  12. I never actually commented I just realized :] I ADORE that first shot. So cute.

  13. Hi Elycia! The only person I know IRL that does wedding photography is Jackson's old boss. His name is Michael Hurcomb. He's Peterborough-based but I know he does travel. He does a lot of music photography but he does a ton of weddings in the summer. I think his website is
    I thought I'd just put forth the only offering I could think of :)
    Let us know when you find someone!!!

  14. Hey you!
    I'm not trained enough to do a whole wedding, but let me do some engagement photos for you when it gets a little bit warmer?
    if you like, let me know!
    -Angela Anne

  15. Funny! I have a post about adorable weddings, and the couple in the top (Jen/Brad) is one mine, too! It melts me!


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