Thursday, January 20, 2011

music makes the world go round...

music has played a huge role in my life, especially when i was in highschool. being involved in music really helped me to find my place in the world and figure out who i was. make sense? anyways... 

the other day i pressed play on my mp3 player and wrote down the first 3 songs that came on. i thought it would be fun to post them and talk a bit about the music i ♥ and why. here they are...

1. the beach boys - i get around

i love the beach boys. they are definitely one of my all time favourite bands, hands down. their music is so beautiful and i am continually impressed by their singing abilities. when i was probably about 9 i got my first beach boys cd. it was actually one of the first cds i owned! this song in particular was one of my favourites...i learned all of the words and i remember singing along to it word for word in a department store.

2. veruca salt - victrola

veruca salt was the band that made me want to be in a band. i loved their music so much and i loved that the band was fronted by girls. when i was in grade 8 my friend and i spent many, many hours in my basement playing air guitar and singing along with veruca salt.

3. sekiden - 1 + 1 = heartache
(they don't have a video for that song so here is another one of their songs: STAY)

sekiden is a band from australia that my band selexa played with once upon a time. i loved their music then and i still love it now. i think you will like it too. i'm not sure if they are still together but you can stop by their website to hear some of their tunes. their songs are really cute and fun.

*a little side note on selexa - we don't really play together anymore (although we are all still good friends) but we are in the process of finishing up our album. it will absolutely be finished before the summer, haha, it has been a long process! i ♥ our music so much! is that weird to say about your own band? i don't care, it's true. anyways...i will definitely share some with you when it is finished. and a side note to the side friend alex actually came up with the name for us.*

what songs come on when you press play?



  1. Beach Boys are huge for me, too! They're so dreamy and full of everything I love about life. Right now my record player has Linda Ronstadt, Emmy Lou Harris, and Loretta Lynn on some seriously heavy rotation. What's my deal with old school female country? eep! Weird.

  2. Love 'The Beach Boys'! My favorite song by them is "Wouldn't It Be Nice"! Haha. :)


  3. Right now it is Soledad by Westlife! P.S I downloaded your album from itunes last night LOVED IT!!!!!!

  4. All songs are good, but I like Veruca Salt's the most. Some bands make me want to be in a band, too! I use to dream of my own band listening to "She's Got You High" by Mumm-ra. I also love these bands: The Smiths, The Beatles, Nouvelle Vague, Los Campesinos, The Concretes.

  5. When I turn my mp3 player on I hear "Jonsi" by the lead singer Sigur Ros, "Bright Eyes", and "Grandaddy", and sometimes "Elliott Smith." It all depends on the mood. I love hearing what music other people are listening too ;)

  6. Fun! When I open mine and play 3 random songs they are: Dustin Kensrue - Blanket of Ghosts, Jimmy Eat World - Goodbye Sky Harbor, & AC/DC - You Shook Me All Night Long (lol, that was from our wedding playlist).

  7. I wish I could play three random songs...but I still haven't transferred my music from my old computer to my mac. Ugh. Thank goodness for pandora! I would go crazy without music.

  8. This is such an awesome idea! I may have to do that the next time I have my Ipod on me! x

  9. shiloh ann, thank you! the band will be soooo happy to hear that :)

    lela, yes the beatles!

    alyssa, ohhhh jimmy eat world! one of my favourites, and such a great song too!

  10. Heej i'm new here. I love your blog, i add it to my favorites. My favorite music at the moment is from caro emerald. You should listen and look at her on you tube. Her first album is a real breakthrough in holland. Enjoy. Greetz from holland.

  11. Love the beach boys!

    Such a cute blog! Another blog friend of mine recommended it to me :) I'm glad she did :)

  12. I like the beach boys(I like so many things in music!)..I don't know the other two, I'll listen to them at home!
    my mp3 is full of songs...I should say "full of albums"..but lately I'm always starting my favorite playlist with these songs:
    (the gathering)
    tying tiffany:
    and then:
    nora jones

  13. Yeahhhh! How good are sekiden??? they are from our hometown. Have you checked out Seja's new album? My friend Katey J, just finished a tour with her as her guitarist. Check her blog for pix -

  14. Oh my goodness. The Beach Boys! <3 Their vinyl is one of my favorites that I own. It comes second only to my Stevie Wonder because it was a gift from my best friend before she moved to London, England.


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