Thursday, January 6, 2011

my silly little farva beans

farva loooves to play with these coffee containers. he rolls around, rubs his face on them and tries to squash his head into the holes. it is really cute.
anakin isn't crazy about them but sometimes he likes to see what the heck farva is doing.

what are some strange/cute things your cats do? i love cats.




  1. You have the most adorable cats! My little black kitty, Harley, sleeps all day and is way too active at night. He jumps on my husband in bed while we're sleeping and if we shut the bedroom door he meows and tears at the carpet until I get up and open the door. He's so spoiled!

  2. Oh my word lolol your cat are kinda adorable and I am not a cat gal! Those photos are too funny! Umm Mickey (my lil fat maltese puppy) runs to the front door when you say, "you wanna go to Starbuck?" bahaha and then licks all over my drink - gross!
    cute kitties!

  3. Cute photos!! My family has spent quite a lot on cat toys and beds. But their favorite things to play with are crinkly paper and acorns (believe it or not!) and they love laying in old baskets that are often two sizes too small. Animals are so funny. :)

  4. andy electric has the same routine of rubbing the wall, walking through the table and stretching EVERYTIME mikey or i walk through the door, it's pretty cute. also, she goes NUTSO for a lazer pointer that we have, it's pretty hilarious.

  5. Aww, that's so cute!
    I have lots of (read: too many!) cats....but we love them. ;)

    I just posted some pictures of my cat Cosmo sleeping with my dog.


  6. I love cats too! And you have really lovely ones! My cat female Totu loves men. When a strange man comes, she's very friendly to him and would even lay on his lap.

  7. cute photos!! pets really bring so much fun to our lives :)
    looove them <3


  8. I miss having cats so much :) Can't wait to have some again. Yours are beautiful!

  9. Aw I am so a cat person. I have three little beauties. One likes to be "tucked" into her fluffy make-shift cat bed before she sleeps or she won't leave you alone, and the other loves to be on top of things or under things. Clothes hangers, newspaper, bottles... anything and everything! lol

    Mozzypop x

  10. I try really hard to portray myself as a mature, intelligent person to the world, but I swear pictures of cute cats turn my into an embarrassing mushball. The internet is not helpful, because everyone posts pictures of cats, and then I see them and I'm all "kitty! yay!" and then I realize I'm sitting at home alone and it's sad.

    So yeah, what I meant to say was, your kitties are adorable and I want to steal them.


  11. Ahh your cats are lovely!
    Crazy cat ladies unite!
    My cat Sisco always takes over our pillows.
    She sleeps on the dvd player, behind my laptop and pushes things off my desk and has the most adorable cry/squeak that sounds like 'MEEP'
    Basically, she RULES us!

  12. My boyfriend have a cat named Vali which was a gift from me, that cat is very fun to play with, she have this metal spring which she tends to hunt like it was a mouse, funny thing today I was taking some pictures of old records I got to post them on my blog and she came to look at the records like she was admiring them, so obviously she got in the way of my pics haha I have an album of my cats in flicker go here!
    Ps. Farva you are so cute!!!

  13. Love the kitty pictures :) My cat is more like a dog, he does some pretty weird things. One funny thing that he still likes to do (and has done since found him as a kitten) is suck on fingers! If you put your finger near his fast he always tries to grab/bite it! What a weirdo!

    He also loves to squeeze into boxes..cupboards...drawers.. anything small! I actually just posted {to flickr} a photo of him sitting in a kitchen drawer that I opened to get something out of...he ran at full force just to get in it before I close it :)

  14. haha! So cute. I love their names. I have two; Miko and Betty. Betty said hello on my blog yesterday; if you want to see her:
    She's the most curious kitty I have ever had...but adorable!

  15. So Sweet! My kitty Ares sucks on his tail when he is getting ready to go to sleep. Just like a baby would suck his thumb. I still think its so cute.

  16. Cats all have such distinct personalities! One of mine will get in any box available and another will only sit in baskets. They're such curious creatures!

  17. my cats love to snuggle with eachother and their favorite thing to play with are shopping bags. they love getting inside of them as if they were what we bought at the stores.

  18. My kitty Pumpkin plays with the plastic rings that come on milk jugs. He goes juts over them. Sometimes, we'll throw them for him and he'll case after it, only to bring it right back to us so we can throw it again. Other times he likes to hide his milk rings in the food dish, water dish, our shoes and even the toilet. :) My other kitty, Mirobel, loves to drag her string toys to us, sit next to them, and mew until we play wither her. If we ignore her for too long, she'll just bring more strings into the room and mew some more. Milo has one toy he loves... it's a ratty old mouse toy that he will play with for hours. He will bat it all over the house, pick it up in his mouth, and shake it.

  19. Adorable! My cat Jake, is a character and does a many interesting and silly things. One is he'll box with you. All you have to do is get down to about his level and put up your fists. He will jump up onto his hind legs with his front paw out and swatting at you. It's all playful fun because afterwards he just wants to cuddle. Then another (annoying) but unique thing he will do is slam cupboard doors... He will open them then slam them repeatedly until you pay attention to him. Also, he does play fetch... which is cool. If he brings you a ball, it means he wants you to throw it. He'll return it to you, wanting it thrown again until he's tuckered out. Jake is always demanding attention but is worth it.

  20. I have two cats called Oliver and Naboo. Oliver is a pretty chilled out cat and spends most of his time sleeping in the garden. Naboo is a crazy cat, most mornings she can be found having a nap in our bath tub. She also likes to get in to my bed and curl up under the covers. They're both adorable :-)


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