Monday, January 3, 2011

a rainy day in hamilton

photos by ivan!
head to toe:
dress: forever 21
cardigan: H&M
harmonica necklace: freshly fig (it really works!)
clutch: thrifted
tights & socks: ?
boots: blowfish

 grey days are so perfect for photos. also, i love side ponytails.

what is your favourite hairstyle?...i'm looking for some new ones.



  1. i love the blue in your hair!


    The Flower Girl


  2. as you can probably tell from my photos, i love the top knot lately!

  3. you look adorable! i have got a few hair styles that i am using at the moment...your basic two braids, a messy up bun or my go to which i like to call my "birds nest" or twisting a small section on either side and tying them in the back and of course the heidi braids! now that my hair is longer i can do more with it! i can't wait till it is long enough to do a side braid without chunks falls out!


  4. Aw you look freakn adorable in these pics! Happy 2011 to you, i hope you have a great year! :)

  5. Such an awesome outfit, I am especially in love with the boots!!

  6. I love, love, love your slouchy button boots! Seriously, I want them!

    I too loved side ponytails when my hair was longer (there's something about having your hair over one shoulder that makes you feel girlier!) but I've lopped my hair off to a grown-out a-line bob (longer in the front, short at the back!). Not many things I can do with it now lol!

    Looking gorgeous Elycia!

  7. Aw, I totally have that same necklace! I bought it for myself when I went to see Bob Dylan in concert! haha
    My new favorite thing is side ponytails too! I also enjoy doing the typical messy bun worn low and to the side like a side ponytail. :)

  8. This dress is so cute, and I love your hair x

  9. so cute!

    i wish i could manage a sweet braid all around my head, but sadly my curls and layers do not oblige! i think braids are oh so lovely!

  10. I'm addicted to H&M. Also I really love your outfits.

  11. If your really looking for a change you should go for an a line bob.

  12. I love those boots! I just ordered a turquoise pair and I am super excited to get them !

    I have been sporting the side pony styled curly lately.. as well as the side braid. I just like it cause then I can can see my pretty blue hair hehe.

  13. my favorite hairstyles consist in taking random parts of my hair and put on a bobin pin making some sort of volume or messy look, and i do this will almost al my hair is hold by the pins, it looks like something mesy but cute if you put the right bow or flower

  14. i LOVE your dress! its so adorable. lately i've been putting my long bangs into a tiny french braid, its super easy and looks a little more put-together than just normally pinning them back.

  15. awwwww elycia!!!
    you look sooooo cute, as always.

    i think your hair is awesome but i will keep my eyes peeled for some cute styles (i work at a salon!)

    happy new year!

  16. Great outfit- glad it looks so mild- so unlike the Canadian winters I remember!

  17. You could totally rock a pixie cut! Xo! Mindy

  18. oh my gosh you are so cute! :)
    I love the dress, too!
    -rylie from

  19. Cutest as usual!
    Right now my hair is too short to do much for a style, and my bangs are growing out a bit. I've been wearing lots of little poofs. (Nothing of Snooki size) and strangely I kind of like the look. (Normally I am very attached to bangs!) Once the hair at my front grows out I'm going for somewhat of an asymmetrical bob of sorts. I hate the term bob though. I'll make it work.
    So jealous of the colour of your hair though. Jebussss.
    Kbye <3

  20. ah! you are so adorable. precious. adorable. precious. love your blog.


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