Monday, January 31, 2011


i wore this last thursday, it wasn't super cold out that day. ivan still laughed at me for wearing shorts though :)
i used elsie's idea for the knot at the front of the scarf. it makes me feel like i'm wearing one of those doctor things with the circle on the those exist? i'm not making that up am i?
head to toe:
scarf - thrifted
locket - thrifted
yellow stone ring - belonged to someone in my family
cardigan - H & M
shorts - store in Florida
tights - ?
boots - aldo

i haven't been outside yet today but i hear it is freeeezing. brrr...i won't wear shorts today!



  1. you looks so pretty! I love the shirt!

  2. You're wearing tights, it's all good! I finally started getting into the whole shorts/tights combo back in the autumn but it's waaay too cold for it here at the moment. I'm so excited for it start warming up a bit! And your Skunkboy Creatures shirt is adorable.

  3. xaxaxaxxa yes they exist, you are totally right and super cute with the scarf!!!

  4. I did the scarf not yesterday too :) Blogging the outfit soon. You look cute!

  5. Love the scarf! I'm going to have to try this one of these days, but I'm just not sure where to wear it. Thanks for the inspiration to just work it!

  6. Love, love the scarf!! :]


  7. i wear shorts and tights all the time, even when it is super cold out and i probably shouldn't be, hehe. i love shorts and tights together!

  8. i love the knot headband on you! and i wore shorts on saturday too with tights and i have to say it one of my favorite things to wear!!!! you look adorable!!


  9. I wear shorts and tights all the time! (Not recently, as I fell over the other day and put a whole in two pairs! Yes I was wearing two pairs... it was chilly!) I swear i'm warmer in shorts sometimes than what I am in jeans! xxx

  10. adorable outfit! i love the shorts and tights!

  11. It was called a head mirror. I thought it would have a more medical-sounding name, but no. It is freezing here today, too. Supposed to snow.

  12. I found this cute little wedding post.

    ps. I hope those doctor headlights exist!

  13. you are so cute in that last photo! well in all of them, of course ;)

  14. Cute scarf!! I love wearing any sort of headband or scarf on my head so fun!

  15. people always make fun of me when i wear shorts too.. but i always tell them i have on tights and boots so its all okay!
    its just like wearing a dress in the winter!
    cuuute outfit. i want a skunkboy tshirt. haha
    xo haley

  16. I'm thinking about braving this winter shorts look too. I really love the tutorial Mandi did a while back ( - I just need to find the perfect pair of wool pants to cut down.

    Looking cute lady Elycia!! <3

  17. Your shirt is super!


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