Tuesday, March 22, 2011

food - what i eat for breakfast

look scary? haha.

Lately I have been making these green smoothies for everyone in the house for breakfast. They are so yummy and refreshing in the morning. What's in them you ask? This one has...

- spinach
- kale
- frozen mixed berries
- frozen mango
- banana
- vegan protein powder
- ground flax
- nutritional yeast
- maca powder
- water

ummmm, that's a lot of stuff.  it is so delicious.

what do you have for breakfast?



  1. Yum! That actually looks great as a smoothie. I usually have a bagel and yogurt or multigrain cheerios (I eat way too many carbs :\)

  2. ha yes it does look scarey! But after I read the ingredients it sounds great, a good way to stary the day.
    I have a piece of toast with jam and OJ for brekky :)


  3. I have a coffee with soy and a fruit but today I'm going organic. I decided this a little while ago. :)

  4. Not gonna lie, looks a little scary! :)

    If I'm eating breakfast, I'm probably eating a smoothie as well. But my smoothies are cheerfully pink (strawberries, a banana, yogurt, and a splash of juice - I keep it pretty darn simple!).

  5. same as my homemade kiwi and apple smoothie! they look scary but extremely deliciouss!

    katrina xo


  6. Love smoothies in the morning
    My favorite is frozen berries,bananas and green powder!

  7. i've been having fresh squeezed juice every morning.

  8. Lately I've been having yogurt w/ granola and green tea, but I bought some bananas the other day so I'm planning to do some smoothies this week.

    What does yours end up tasting like? Is it fruity enough? I've always been intimidated by green smoothies, to tell the truth. I'd be a useless vegan.

  9. I make smoothies for breakfast, too! I usually include spinach, a banana, frozen peaches, and homemade green powder. I love it!

  10. you guys are making me hungry for more breakfast :)

    jenny, it tastes totally fruity! you don't taste the greens at all. i make it for my mom now too and she was pleasantly surprised with the taste.

  11. I've got to try that! Looks so yummy and healthy! And way better than the can of Dr. Pepper I had for breakfast this morning. FAIL.

  12. not gonna lie, i think it looks really gross! but i trust you, i'm sure it's really yummy. :)


  13. I need to invest in a blender. I might not be making kale smoothies, but smoothies do sound better than boring tea!

  14. what brand of protein powder do you use? I can't find a vegetarian one that I'm totally happy with...

  15. i posted about smoothies today too!! i'm drinking one right meow, in fact.

    i also linked your blog in my smoothie post :) you're more adventurous than me when it comes to smoothies with your ingredients, so kudos!

  16. oh my goodness carly, i love that you said right meow. i'm coming over (to your blog) after my workout to drink your smoothie.

    emma, let me check and i'll visit your blog to let you know.

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  18. Ya know it actually looks and sounds really good to me! I may have to try this out! =) xo.

  19. I'm not sure how I feel about this...it looks absolutely dreadful, but some of the yummiest things don't look it at all. I'll take your word for it!

  20. Hmmm...I'll have to try this :)
    One of my favorite breakfast shakes is made of 1/2 cup of blueberries and 1 cup of almond milk.
    I also love wheat toast and fruit or a slice of wheat bread with almond butter and berries on top :)

  21. Ooh, I love juicing! I should have thought of that when I answered your breakfast question on my blog, haha. Otherwise, I have a powerbar.

  22. I love smoothies! I usually eat cream of wheat or oatmeal with some type of berries.

  23. That looks SO good!
    I don't really have breakfast,but I have a green smoothie every day mid morning/before lunch!!

    My fave is Pineapple,orange,spinach,tomato,banana,and chia seeds! :)

    I never thought to add in the yeast flakes..can you taste them in it?? those things are the greatest, mmmm yeast flakes on broccoli..yummm!!


  24. That sounds fantastic!! I am addicted to smoothies. I shall have to try out your recipe some time, for sure!

  25. Im cracking out the food processor tomorrow- i might whip me up one of those bad boys! YUM!

    I definately had to give you some kudos for one of my blog entries....


    an ode to smoothies

  26. I drink a green smoothie every morning too! I use spinach, romaine, celery, a banana and an apple. It makes alot, like 40 oz! But I make two at a time..one for the following morning and one for the morning after that. They keep really well! I should say they keep for those two days :) I honestly HATE green salad, so the smoothie option is perfect for me! I drink it when I get to work and people are constantly asking what it is. Some co-workers seem pretty interested in trying their own, so thats cool!


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