Friday, March 25, 2011

hi friends! i will be back later with the story of how we got farva (in honour of his birthday on March 23) but for now here are some things that i really love this week!

5. these shoes from blowfish
 in love.

 4. these pretty teacups
i originally saw these on Savannah's blog Maie Dae. they are soooo pretty!

3. ther red velvet broach display
the whole store looks like a dream but i especially love this idea of using an old book to display vintage broaches. so smart!

2. this song

i love Simon and Garfunkel a lot. i have been really into this song this week. so pretty.

1. these pins from All Night Diner!
just in case you forgot that i love twin peaks. :)

i have really felt lazy this week. i'm having a very hard time getting myself to do things for some reason. I think i will whip myself up a latte today and see if that helps. usually lattes get me into a productive mood! what do you do when you just feel like lazing around but you have things to do?



  1. ! Those teacups are super pretty! Also? Love the brooch display, that's so clever :)

  2. ugh, i want all of the pretty wedges from blowfish right now. so jealous of all of the bloggers out there who are sponsored by them as they're my favourite shoes and the garrens everyone got are amazing too!!

    also, welcome to my last few months (re: feeling lazy) i have been SO unmotivated to do anything and i just feel so it sucks. i'm going to make some coffee too...and hope that i snap out of it as i made myself a to do list today and by golly, i'm gonna check everything off of it! :) good luck with your day.

  3. Woot! Thanks for sharing us again! Hope your package has arrived or will soon!


  4. amanda,

    i feel like the post office is holding all of my fun mail hostage! i am waiting on sooo many things i haven't received yet! i can't wait to get your package!!!!

  5. ♥♥♥ That song!!! Another of my favorties from S&G is At The Zoo from Bookends. Thanks for the reminder! ♥♥♥

  6. whenever i feel unproductive which i really shouldn't, first things first; i eat (a lot) :D, then watch one episode of Criminal Minds while crocheting one tiny item, such as coaster or anything that'd finish by the time the movie end. Usually it brings the mood and such a great energy back. Weird? Me thinks so :D

    ps. i'm a working-at-home cellphone technician, so yeah, i can entertain myself by those things above between the working time :D

  7. I feel the EXACT same way. I don't know if it's winter or what, but I can't make myself do a damn thing. All I want to do is sleep all day and have Project Runway marathons with ben and jerry. If you come up with a way to feel more motivated let me know! I can't shake it!

  8. gah, i love the only living boy in new york so much!


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