Saturday, March 5, 2011

 Hi, I finally have some new wedding news to share! We chose our photographer...Kara Lodder. The lighting in her photos is always beautiful and I really think she will do a great job. Here is some of her work.
 just a little peek...check out her website and blog to see more!

Also...very exciting...someone you may know will be at the wedding as a second photographer! Allison from Crafted Love will be making the trip up from Ohio for a little visit and joining in on all the wedding fun. I am super excited and thankful that Allison offered to do this! She's also helping to plan a Photobooth for the reception! We had a Skype date yesterday to discuss ideas (and chat) which went surprisingly well considering how awkward I am on the phone, haha. Thanks Allison! I have such great blog friends. (i'll tell you what someone else is doing soon!)

Now, on to the giveaway winner...the winner of the All Night Diner giveaway is...

I had to show you the random number generator! I have never seen it pick #1! Congrats Amy, I will be in touch! I am so jealous that you won Dale!

Oh! I have so many things to tell you...last night we visited our friends who just got a new house and (even more exciting) a new kitten! He is so cute and looks like a baby Farva except he is grey and white. Unfortunately I forgot my camera so no adorable kitty photos to share, sorry! Seeing kittens makes me want another one! I think if I lived alone I would have too many cats.

And, today Ivan and I are off to meet my friend Alex in Toronto to check out the Absolutely Vintage Show and Sale. I am soooo excited! I'll be sure to remember my camera today :)

EDIT: i HAD to add this video! this is where we're going. If you love vintage you will die watching this. This could be a dangerous place for me to visit.

What are you up to today?



  1. New kittens are so sweet! I totally agree, if i lived on my own I would have loads and loads of cats and have pictures of them all over the walls like a crazy cat lady. it would be marvelous!

    I didn't know you were getting married! I am excited now.


  2. I'm so excited that I won Dale!!! He will have an awesome place on my wall!

    And that photographer is awesome!

  3. AH! So exciting. I took a look at your photographers work..beautiful. I hope everything comes out wonderful! :D

  4. that video is wonderful!! i want to go!
    congrats on picking a photographer!!

  5. Ooooh yay! Kara's photos look lovely - I can't wait to see how she captures your day!

    And omg, I want another cat soooo bad. But it would be so so sooo stupid. I told Jackson no more til we get a bigger place (with at least ONE bedroom... stupid studio!) Jackson is totally the kitty enabler.

  6. Your photographer suits your style SOOO well! YAY! I'm glad you found someone amazing for your big day! It's gonna be amazing.
    I keep seeing crappy mobile uploads of weddings on facebook & I'm wondering about how to tell your guests NOT take ugly pictures without being a bridezilla? lol, any thoughts?


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