Friday, April 29, 2011

5 fave friday

5. Isn't this Made to Measure Bracelet so cute?!
I love it!

4. Coolest thing ever. I want to do this!! (definitely click the link, you won't be disappointed)
found via 

3. This On the Button Sewing Box is adorable
2. this tote bag from Jo Bozarth Illustration

1. This blog, Sugar and Spice.
Charis is really sweet and she recently went vegan! She shares a lot of really great looking recipes! Yumm!

Today I'm off to buy fabric for some wedding projects. We're getting close and I had another dream last night that the wedding was happening and things weren't ready! Yikes!!

Oh yeah! I fell asleep last night before I could post the giveaway winner. So, the winner is...Kirstin Marie! Kirstin has some really cute outfit posts and she posted a video today so you can check that out too!



  1. Great finds!
    That bracelet is lovely and I really love that button box!

  2. Very nice, and I always like finding new vegan food blogs!


  3. Oh my! That sewing box is too cute!!! :D

  4. oh cool i love that bracelet :D

  5. Made to Measure Bracelet is gorgeous!!!!

  6. Oh my gosh! I stopped by to check out your Friday faves...and HOORAY!! My little tote! :)

    I am loving the Made to Measure Bracelet!
    And I clicked the link on the family photos...such an awesome idea! I want to do that, too!!

    Happy Friday!!

  7. wow, incredible finds! i love that bracelet and that sewing box....i really do need both! i can wear the bracelet while i sew using my button sewing box..this is blowing my mind right now!


  8. Ooh! Cute bag, I like it. :D

  9. Oh, that bracelet is awesome! : )

  10. wow that age progression chart is pretty crazy. I guess you don't realize how much you or the people around you age in just the span of two or three years!

  11. That bracelet is amazing :)

  12. I want to do number 4 sooooooooo badly. I think I showed Keith a while ago & he was in, ha.

  13. Oh my goooooosh I LOVE number 4!!! I'm going to make Brian and Eli do it every single year lol and all our future kids - you're right it is the coolest right EVER!


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