Friday, April 1, 2011

hello friends, here are some things i really love this week!

5. these hair prints i saw on Spotted Moth
 so pretty!

4. hilarious game show videos

ivan and i watched a bunch of these the other night. i can't find my favourite one though! watch won't be disappointed :)

3. saddle shoes
i had a pair when i was young and i have been thinking about them a lot lately. so cute!

2. this necklace from Freshly Fig
eeks! too awesome!

1. pretty walls
ivan and i have been scooping out cool video and photo locations lately. we found this wall in Burlington between Brant and John Street. :) i love hearts.



  1. second time I've seen saddle shoes on a blog today! I'm loving them -think I need a pair!

  2. I love the scissor necklace!

  3. That scissor necklace should be mine! Love it so much. ♥

  4. okay so i just watched some of those videos! omg they were funny. i literally laughed out loud. great link!!

  5. I LOVE that scissor necklace! Adorable. And the Heart wall. I am dying over it! What an amazing photo spot <3


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