Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hi! Ok, so it is technically Sunday but I haven't gone to sleep yet so it still feels like Saturday to me.  Today Ivan and I were at a wedding and it was a beautiful day!

I'm getting pretty excited about our wedding. It is coming up so soon and we still have a bunch of stuff to do. This week Ivan and I worked on putting together playlists for cocktails, dinner and the reception. We decided not to hire a DJ and instead use our computer and a sound system. Did anyone do that/plan to do that for their wedding? Also, one more question...what are some songs that you think are essential for a fun dance party? I really love fun dance parties!

I hope you all had a great Saturday! Here are a couple photos of Ivan and I from today.



  1. what a cute couple, you two. and you totally rocking that look, Elycia. the dress and the hair do is gorgeous, fits perfectly. too bad the photo didn't show your shoes. i'm curious. :D

  2. What gorgeous photos of you two! You are both absolutely adorable, and I love the shade of your dress. It's such a unique colour and suits you perfectly!

  3. First, I love the color of your dress!!! Second, you must have the following songs at your wedding (mine was a real hit and I think the music was key):

    1. Thriller
    2. The Electric Slide
    3. Shout

    ♥ sécia

  4. Ahhhh, fantastic pictures! ^_^ I love your blog. I said this on Twitter too. I'm not spamming you, I promise.

    Let's see...

    1. Locomotion
    2. Macarena
    3. I think Just Dance is great, but not sure if it's right for the occasion. :P

  5. You guys are adorable! And I loooove your dress!

  6. oh your dress is lovely! nice shape and the colour is so beautiful too!! :):)

  7. music. I can only think of one right now- Junior Senior. And I also like the Return to Me soundtrack for romantic dancing. Adorable photo of you two!

  8. You guys look great!
    I especially love your dress, that shade suits you so nicely :)

    Have a great Easter!

  9. You guys look so great and so happy!

  10. mmm like cheesy dance music Abba is always good, I like Candi Staton young hearts, Brown Eyed girl, Van Morrison, girls just want to have fun.... please don't be offended but we are banning the Macarena at our wedding lol

  11. thanks friends!! yeah, i didn't get any photos that showed my shoes, haha. i was wearing those ones with the fringe on the front...these ones...
    they are seriously soo comfy! my feet did not get sore at all!

  12. i would go with single ladies and funkytown!!!!!

    zoe :)

  13. My boy and I will also be using computer/ipod/something like that and a sound system. It's good to know that we aren't the only ones. I think it opens up a wider range of music so you don't have to play all those usual wedding song. :p

  14. um, hello beautifuls!! you guys both look so so SO good...!!!

  15. you guys are too cute, i love your dress! :)

  16. um, WHY are you guys so cute?!?! stop it, already

  17. Your dress and your hairstyle look so pretty on you! :)

  18. Fun dance party music? Let me help:
    1- Bourgeois Shangri-La//Miss Lie {very bouncy and fast and fun, my band is playing it}
    2- somethin' Devo. Maybe Uncontrollable Urge?
    3- something by The Jam
    4- WALKING ON SUNSHINE//Katrina and the waves
    5- ANYTHING Metric. I'll stop there so I don't bore you :)
    Have fun making your playlist!
    I love the pictures of you and Ivan, you look so sweet together :)

  19. it's a local one, but check out brisbane band Custard and their song 'Ringo' everyone wrigglin at our wedding!

  20. Your dress is amazingly pretty!! :-00000!!!I love it!!!

  21. your dress is gorgeous! i love your style.

    one day i'll have style! if i ever have money, that is.


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