Saturday, May 21, 2011


As I mentioned, I have had wedding showers the past two weekends. The first one was put on by Ivan's mom and the second by my dad's three sisters. They were very different from each other and both were lovely. I was a bit nervous about being the centre of attention at the showers but I really enjoyed myself and felt great that so many people wanted to do something special for me. (although my "speeches" were painfully awkward and i'm sure very uncomfortable to witness, ha!)

Here are some photos from the first shower...actually just one photo.
(me and 3/4 bridesmaids)

My mom has a bunch of great photos being held hostage on her camera. Ivan's mom's husband is a chef and he and Ivan prepared an amazing vegan meal for everyone. We also had tons of desserts which were also vegan (almost all of them!). It was fantastic!


The second shower was at my aunt's house up in Strathroy. My aunt and cousin did an incredible job decorating, everything looked so cute. It was a very special day; I received some of my Grandma Watson's old things and my cousin made me a corsage out of our Grandma's old fabric and buttons. My Grandma Watson was a very crafty lady and way ahead of her time when it came to recycling/repurposing/restyling/reusing. Another thing my Grandma used to do was take a person's name and write a word that describes them for each letter. My aunts did one for me and it was so sweet! However, dumb dumb elycia left it at their house so I can't share it with you! Here are a few photos from the day.

While the ladies were doing the shower thing, the men and boys spent the day together.
Ivan and my cousin (actually 2nd cousin). Aren't his glasses awesome?!
my 2nd cousins, my cousin (MOH) and one of the bridesmaids! My mom told us to pose like this, haha!
my mom!!
my new favourite photo of ivan and i. you can get a good look at the corsage too! I love the turquoise button!

We also had a bit of Instax fun. Everyone loves this camera! People were saying that when my cousin and I stood next to each other they felt like they were back in the 50s. I'm ok with that! So...I made him take an instant photo with me, haha. Time warp?
Oh, and by the way, this cool guy and his vegan friend made me the best vegan cupcakes ever! Chocolate cupcakes with a raspberry inside and chocolate ganache! So sweet (the cupcakes, and the fact that they made them).

And, as Thursday pointed out, it's not a shower unless you end up wearing something covered in bows...
Haha! I actually kind of loved this bow covered apron (my aunt made the apron!). I left it on way longer than required.

I really love spending time with family and friends and I absolutely can't wait to have everyone together at the wedding!!



  1. Your cousin looks a bit like John Krasinski in that first picture. Glad that you had a great time.

  2. Uhm, do we have the same grandmother? Your description of yours is scarily similar to my own! You looked beautiful at both events, looks like you had a wonderful time!

  3. that is the best photo of you an ivan. i love everything about it!!

  4. aw the photo of you and ivan is perfect, i am so excited for your wedding :)

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  5. Oooh! Sweet pictures! I love both of your dresses, and that bow apron is fantastic! Everything looks fantastic, I'm getting really excited for your wedding!

  6. Aww, I loved all of these photos so much! You have such a beautiful family! And the picture of you and Ivan is so lovely, I'm in awe of all the gorgeousness.

  7. aww so cute! you are so beautiful in that apron too hehe.

    i love your corsage too! so sweet.

    it's very exciting seeing the build up to a wedding. so much fun!

  8. I LOVE that photo of you and Ivan. SO cute.

  9. Looks like loads of fun Elycia! Your so lucky to have people in your life who organise days like this for you. I wonder if anyone will organise one for me when my wedding finally comes around.


  10. omg i love this post. such a cute shower and you look SO cute as usual. i love your dress, and your bow apron! that is an AMAZING photo of you two. i must admit, i am don't really think about my own wedding some day very often, but after reading all your wedding blog posts it makes me excited! :) thanks for sharing. always so sweet xo

  11. Great photos! Looks like so much fun.

    ♥ sécia

  12. Looks like you all had a wonderful time! Love your purple socks btw :)

  13. This was such an awesome day! Cannot wait for the wedding it is going to be perfect!- Rach

  14. You look so beautiful! I have just started reading your blog and I am already so excited to hear more about your wedding plans! You and your future husband look so lovely together and I wish you both all the happiness in the world!
    Beautiful photographs, Love Tori :)


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