Thursday, June 9, 2011

photos > Diana F+, roll two (part 2)

Something I learned about Diana after my first roll of film is that she does not love low light situations. Maybe she's afraid of the dark. Sometimes I can be a bit stubborn though so of course I still tried to use Diana in some questionable lighting. Here's what happened.
I can't even figure out what that was!
Those last 2 weren't so bad but I would have preferred it they were a bit brighter.

The last photo was taken as the sun was setting but those plants/twigs were in the shade. Definitely not enough light for Diana!

The photo of me and the photo of the flowers were taken indoors in rooms that seemed to have tons of natural light. Not enough though! The Diana does not have an 'indoor' setting and 'cloudy' just doesn't cut it for indoor photos. When I take indoor photos now I always use the flash. This photo was taken indoors, at night, with the flash.

We were trying to do a cool double exposure photo but without a tripod I guess we moved the camera a bit and it didn't turn out exactly as we planned! That's besides the point though. I have found that the flash is very helpful for indoor photos.

So far my most successful attempts with the Diana have been outside during the day. I will show you some of those ones soon. I think it is fun to show the photos that didn't turn out exactly as planned as well as the really good ones.

Today I'm off to have a trial hairdo done, pick up fabric for ties and pick up cupcakes! Fun!



  1. Changing the film speed may help a lot with this problem (iso 400 maybe)! If you have the 35mm back then I know for sure there are a lot of different iso speeds. I am a total amateur but you can see some of my pictures with indoor shots here:

    A couple of those are inside a poorly lit hospital and a tomb with low light.

  2. Here's a few more too :) I think i used iso 400 with the flash indoors on these

  3. Have a great day :) I love buying fabrics myself

  4. I am loving seeing these photos. Learning how a camera works is really half the fun!

    Also, I have to admit I am painfully jealous of your wedding planning. I don't even care so much about being married yet - I just want to plan my freaking wedding. (...crazy much?)

    You're going to be a beauty bride!!!

  5. Just came over from My Girl Thursday...loved your video, and now I'm your newest follower! So happy to have found you!

  6. I've had the same problem with my polaroids! I ran out of flash bars, so I just have to use bright sun now :) These are still cute though! Love the last one.

  7. I have the mini too and my first film was interesting. I liked the wacky effects but the photo specialists at CVS thought i was crazy! They told me i had old film... they have no idea haha.

  8. oh yeah, i forgot to mention that I am using 400 iso. my first roll i used 200 i believe and switching to 400 really did help!
    eep! i better get moving!! i don't want to be late!

  9. I have a Diana that use 120 film. I had taken about 3 rolls of picture the first summer I had my daughter. Then... my bulldog ate them. URG! I was so mad. I need to start experimenting again like you are!

  10. the last photo is awesome! ... if you are going to shoot pictures insie you should use an even higher iso than 400, even though it will make it more grainy it will help the exposure!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  11. Hey you! I have been checking out your blog everyday for a while now, and I just realized you must live near me! Yay for Southern Ontario!

  12. i love the last picture! a perfect double exposure! your face is so precious!


  13. The second picture looks like maybe a vinyl record?

  14. Oh my gosh it's so exciting! You're coming down to the wire on your wedding :D I wish you could post pictures of your dress!!!!! The wait is killing me.

  15. i've had the same stubborn streak with my holga. i will never learn. haha

  16. Love that you're joining me in the Diana F+ club! :)
    I've definitely found that full sun is the only way to go if you're not using the flash- I can't wait to see your other results!

  17. That must be fun experimenting! I want to get a Diana so bad... but I'm nervous to spend the money and then be terrible at it, haha. Maybe someday.

  18. i always love seeing 'outtakes'. :]


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