Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Guest Post - Artsy Ants

Hi friends! Today the lovely Simona from Artsy Ants (shop & blog) is here to do a cute little guest post. Take it away Simona!

i'm a thief. i'm even a convicted thief, in at least two counts. let me explain why i'm not too ashamed of telling you...

i like it really nice and toasty when i sleep. the worst thing about american style bedding is: they make you share a comforter (quilt/ cover).  share... a bad word when it comes to something that is supposed to keep me warm. yes, okay, a king size comforter is nice and wide, it covers the entire bed when it's made. but now my idea of being covered is leaning closely towards being wrapped, i want the cover to slightly tuck under me. that does not work if there are two people trying to get covered at the same time. i could really go deep into the technicalities of my comforter problem. but i don't think anybody really wants to read about that  :)

having briefly explained my trouble with sharing comforters, here's my story:

it has happened many times before. i would wake up and be accused of having stolen all the covers last night. how could anybody ever accuse "innocent little me" of anything like that? who would actually do such a thing as stealing all the covers? i mean, come on, maybe i get more than my share for a few minutes, but all the covers? no way!

so of course i'd always try to defend myself as good as i can. i'd try to claim that it was just a classic scenario of he-said she-said, nobody had any proof or evidence. then, one day, hubby lets me fight my case and finally pulls out his itouch... it's hard to believe, but these stinking little things take pretty good pictures in the dark. there was irrefutable evidence of me having taken possession of the entire mega-fluffy-winter-style king size comforter! it was unbelievable - we laughed so hard! i will never again claim innocence when being called a comforter-thief. yes, i do steal the whole thing if i only get the chance. i have done it before and i will do it again. i promise.


Thanks so much Simona!!



  1. Hehehe, what an adorable post! I admit to being a blanket thief as well... I resemble a burrito when sleeping! So no judgement here, Simona! :)

  2. Hahaha! Hilarious! And that's probably why most people in Germany who share a bed still have two blankets...

  3. Such a funny post! I'm a blanket thief too, whenever I'm sharing the bed! I suggest two blankets and one comforter so that you can put the huge comforter over the entire bed but have your own blanket to snuggle up in!

  4. well, ladies, i'm glad to hear i'm not the only one!

    @ cofeerocketfairytale:
    yes, i think you're on to something. it must be genetic. so not really my fault :)

  5. Hahaha :-D
    Very cool story that I think everybody knows!
    And you wouldn't think of how strong "innocent little me's" like gentle simona or me or every other girl can be :-D
    @simona, very cute drawing!!!! As always :-)

  6. Thanks for the chuckle. Darn technology and the night pics (I recorded my husband snoring on my iPad because he refused to believe he dis. When I played it back, it woke him up and he got mad. I laughed.) I am a thief. My husband is a thief. We now sleep with 2 blankets. Start under one and then everyone for themselves!

  7. so cute! My husband always steals the covers and he doesn't believe me- maybe i'll take a video of it too :)

  8. This is why I sleep with my own blanket, and the man-pants sleeps with his own. I am a blanket hoarder and have to be wrapped like a burrito every night of the year, even in the summer. It's one of my only comforts in life and I absolutely swear by it. If we have to stay in a hotel or at a relative's, I bring my own blanket and pillow. Glad to hear someone shares in my joy!! :D

  9. ha! very funny post, love this! we do have 2 blankets here but i don't really need to be completely wrapped up.... but i need my own, huge, european-sized pillow!!

  10. That bunny illustration is presh!

  11. Haha, my boyfriend has taken photos as evidence of me stealing the quilt.
    We tried the two separate quilt thing but it just didn't work, made it harder to snuggle.

  12. I do the same thing, and it's caused so much nighttime animosity that I finally just got my own blanket. Problem solved.


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